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Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre is a town and commune of France's Caribbean overseas department of Martinique. An active volcano is located on the island's mountain.


The city was founded in 1635 by the French trader and adventurer Pierre Belain d'Esnambuc. It was also the first permanent French colony on the island of Martinique.

In 2012, Saint Pierre was used as a simulated location by Abstergo Industriesentertainment branch, in order to influence the general public through the console stage of the Animus technology. It only became available after a system update had been installed. It was later reused for the 2013 edition.

The simulation depicted a bustling seaside community, with numerous nooks and crannies in the town streets, including small taverns and hallways. There was also a beach, which was mostly occupied by various wares and goods, as well as fishmongers advertising their stalls. Further inland were the beginnings of a sugar cane plantation, of which the produce was tightly stacked in carts, scattered about the town. 

With the implementation of new technology, simulated locations in the console stage were upgraded to have multiple aesthetic variations. Because of this, Saint Pierre could be utilized during the day, the evening, or amidst a storm.


  • In keeping with the quaternary stage's pirate theme, the Saint Pierre map flew a pirate flag.