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"To receive your new orders, find me in the graveyard, my last safe refuge in the city."
―Agaté, on Saint Peter's Cemetery, 1768.[src]

The Saint Peter's Cemetery, also referred to as the Saint Peter Street Cemetery, was a graveyard located in New Orleans during the 18th century.

With a wooden wall around its premises, the cemetery contained numerous graves of varying sizes, as well as a small chapel at its center. Unlike future graveyards, most burials were still below ground, with tombs above ground being reserved for the wealthy and distinguished of the city.

The cemetery also served as a safe haven within the city for the reclusive Assassin Mentor Agaté, who would occasionally meet his disciple, Aveline de Grandpré, there to give her assassination contracts, either in person, or by leaving behind a letter at a specific grave.

In 1776, Aveline's father, Philippe de Grandpré, was buried at the cemetery.



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