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The Saga Stone is a part of the entrance to the Yggdrasil chamber located beneath Rygjafylke, Norway. It was acquired by Ragnar Lothbrok before his invasion campaign into England, but was lost some time after his death until it was recovered in an unknown location many years later by the Order of the Ancients while searching for Isu relics to further their greater plans beyond Anglo-Saxon England.[1]


  • Isu (? – ?)
  • Ragnar Lothbrok (? – c. 865)[2]
  • Fulke (? – c. 875)[2]


zrhwachày nàgkwat nsmæ br trrhwndi kwardæ,
l sorhwlàd vras chnàkôdi de,
nsm huchràs réyzdéràæ chaz zàwomsi.[3]

When the destruction and death threatens before us
And the solar flare is reaching
To the calculator of futures we run


The Saga Stone was shaped during the Isu Era, featuring a relief of the Yggdrasil device and carved with a password to the Chamber written in Isu script. At some point after the Great Catastrophe, it broke off from its mountings and was separated from the vault.[1] Millennia later, the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok found and claimed it for his own,[2] but its existence and location were lost following his execution in King Ælla of Northumbria's snake pit.[5]

Nearly a decade later, the Stone was retrieved by Maegester Fulke from the Wardens of Relics branch of the Order of the Ancients,[2] who relocated it to Evinghou Tower under care of an acolyte.[6] However, she had little time to study it before being captured and imprisoned at Saint Albanes Abbey on charges of heresy for investigating the supposed existence of other gods, which ran counter to Christianity's doctrine of monotheism.[7]

After being rescued by the Raven Clan Vikings Eivor Varinsdottir and Sigurd Styrbjornsson with the help of their Hidden One ally Basim Ibn Ishaq,[7] Fulke assisted them in dismantling Lady Eadwyn's supply lines[6] before they laid siege to Cyne Belle Castle. After defeating the castle garrison, the Vikings entered the fort and found the Saga Stone. At that moment, though, Fulke betrayed them, claiming the Stone for herself and taking both it and Sigurd in a prisoner exchange[8] to Canterbury Cathedral to conduct further research into Sigurd's identity as a Sage of the Norse god Týr.[9]

Sigurd would later use the password written on the Stone to open the door to the Yggdrasil Chamber.[3]



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