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This article is about the genetic memory of Kassandra. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Aveline de Grandpré.
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Safe Passage was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra traveled to Pellene to meet with Orontas and reclaim the ships needed to escort the stranded out of Achaia.


Kassandra made her way to the dock near Shipwreck Cove, where some civilians were indulging in drink and song.

  • Civilian: Ho-ho-ho, over the Aegean we go!
    We blubber, and stutter, and jubber until we drown below!

Orontas called out to her.

  • Orontas: Misthios! Over here.

Kassandra approached him. They walked towards a finely-dressed man deep in his cups, the shipyard foreman Ariston. He downed his drink.

  • Ariston: More wine!
  • Orontas: Here's the man we're looking for, misthios.
  • Ariston: Chaire, chaire, my friend! I recognize you... I took your ships, didn't I? At the docks?

He laughed it off in a drunken stupor. Kassandra crossed her arms.

  • Kassandra: We've come to get those ships back.
  • Ariston: Why, would be my first question. But then I realized... I don't really care. Because you're a misthios!

He laughed at his drunken humor once more. Kassandra and Orontas exchanged glances.

  • Ariston: Let bygones be bygones, my friend! We drink! Except for the mercenary.

He leaned closer to them.

  • Ariston: Now, sail away from me. Oh right, you can't!

He laughed.

  • Kassandra: It seems like it'd be easier to silence you and your crew, then take back the ships.

Orontas glanced over at her and shook his head disapprovingly.

  • Ariston: See? Your kind is always thirsty for bloodshed.
  • Orontas: Violence is not always the answer, misthios.

Ariston became more lucid and leaned over to whisper to Orontas.

  • Ariston: This is why I hate mercenaries. They think violence solves everything.
  • Kassandra: I can still hear you.
  • Ariston: Fine. Calm down. If we want to deal, we must do it like civilized individuals.
  • Kassandra: What do you propose?

  • Kassandra: I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm sure a smart man like you knows when to make a useful friend. If you help me, I'll help you.

Orontas glanced over at her and nodded approvingly. Ariston became slightly more lucid.

  • Ariston: Helping you would cost more than my left arm. If I am to risk incurring the Tempest's wrath, there should be a sizable benefit for me.
    I heard valuables can be found at Shipwreck Cove, not far from here. Or... I could always use more drachmae. You can buy wine with drachmae.

  • Kassandra: I'd rather not run around. Here's your drachmae.

She handed him a pouch of coins, and Ariston chortled as he accepted it.

  • Ariston: Now we're talking. Make sure it's enough—my friendship doesn't come cheap.

  • Kassandra: I'll take a look around Shipwreck Cove for the valuables.
  • Ariston: Remember, misthios. I don't take trash.

Kassandra turned away to hunt for valuables. Ariston added singing to his drunken stupor.

  • Ariston: I got a lovely lady, but she looks a bit like Hades! Though her curves are wavy, just like—

He interrupted himself.

  • Ariston: Hey! Where's the wine gone?!

Ikaros set to finding some items of value for Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: There it is!
  • Kassandra: Found it!
  • Kassandra: Here it is.
  • Kassandra: That's what I'm looking for.
  • Kassandra: I see it.

Kassandra ran around the beach and swam beneath the waves gathering a sizable collection of valuables.

  • Kassandra: These should be enough.

Kassandra returned to Orontas and Ariston with her collection.

  • Orontas: Misthios, you're back.
  • Ariston: Do you have the valuables I want?

(back to choices, "I have the valuables" available)

  • Kassandra: I found what you wanted at Shipwreck Cove.
  • Ariston: Splendid! Hand it over.

Kassandra handed over the trinkets.

  • Ariston: This will do!

  • Kassandra: A deal's a deal.
  • Ariston: I never go back on my word! Only a dishonorable malákas will break an oath.

He turned his attention to Orontas.

  • Ariston: I'll give you your ships back, but good luck getting past the Tempest. Just take a good look outside at all those wrecks, misthios. Now, if you'll excuse me...

Ariston took his leave.

  • Orontas: Thanks to you, misthios, we have what we need. Now, we—

Kleta hurried up to them with urgency in her voice.

  • Kleta: Orontas. Kassandra.

She pointed to the nearby patrol of Greek soldiers. They turned to march up the docks. Kassandra drew her spear expectantly, but Orontas held out his arm to stop her.

  • Greek Soldier: Misthios, no need for bloodshed. I just need you to come quietly, please. Releasing the stranded has angered the Tempest. Someone just needs to take responsibility, and everyone will be fine.
  • Orontas: Take me then. They have nothing to do with this. I'm the one you're after.

Kassandra was upset by Orontas giving himself up. The soldier nodded to him and gestured him to follow. As the soldiers closed guard around Orontas, Kleta and Kassandra approached him.

  • Orontas: We have done enough, there's no need to escalate this further. Promise me that you will see our plan through to the end.

Kassandra nodded. The soldiers escorted him away without a fight. Kleta and Kassandra looked at each other, then back in Orontas' direction, then they walked to the edge of the dock to observe the shipwrecks.

  • Kleta: Did she do all this? This destruction... all this ruin... It's painful to watch. It feels like she's becoming someone I don't know.

  • Kassandra: No matter what happens, blood is blood. She's still your daughter.

  • Kassandra: The Tempest can't be redeemed. Look at the chaos she's caused to Achaia and to you.

  • Kleta: Parents always believe in their children, as foolish as that may be.

Kleta turned from the water, regretting her past decisions.

  • Kleta: I should have stopped her sooner—stopped her from joining the Order. I should have...

She began to tear up, and stopped, stepping towards Kassandra.

  • Kleta: When the time comes to face the Tempest, my Phila...

She clasped Kassandra's hands briefly before stepping back.

  • Kleta: What will you do, Kassandra?

  • Kassandra: I'll do my best to bring her back.

  • Kassandra: I'm sorry, Kleta. She needs to be dealt with.

Kleta understood.

  • Kleta: I was so proud of her. I don't think I ever told her that.
    There are still so many things I wish I had said.

She sobbed, shrugged, then looked at the wrecks of ships anew, composing herself.

  • Kleta: I should go help the rest. We'll meet up in Patrai when we're ready. Thank you, Kassandra. For everything.


Kassandra, Orontas, and Kleta secured the ships they needed to evacuate the stranded, but Tempest's men took Orontas into custody. Kleta and Kassandra were left to secure the evacuation.


  • Although roughly eight collectible quest items become available when choosing to collect valuables, only six are required. All outstanding valuables are unloaded after the sixth item is collected. If players opt to pay in drachmae afterwards, the collected items will be removed from the inventory as soon as the quest flag updates.
  • Due to the mere handful of recordings of flavor dialogue issued in response to tracking down objects of value, some items will share responses.


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