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"The Sacred Voice fills our hearts with boldness."
―A vow of the Order of the Ancients.[src]-[m]

The Sacred Voice was a title used during the Isu Era and also one of the three divine beings who was revered by the Order of the Ancients during the Ancient World.


Isu Era

Originally part of a triad of titles, alongside Father of Understanding and Mother of Wisdom. It has been acknowledged that Samael[1] and Minerva[2] held this title, which had to be bestowed upon them by an unidentified Isu High Council.[1]

During Samael's reign as the Sacred Voice, he was one of three of Project Anthropos alongside the Father of Understanding, Yaldabaoth and the Mother of Wisdom, Saklas. Whereas Samael was in charge of recruiting top Isu scientists and philosophers, Yaldabaoth managed production and Saklas managed the design schematics.[1]

Ancient World

Long after the Isu were deceased, the Order of the Ancients took this title alongside its two other titles, and began revering them as holy beings to worshipped. It was not until the rise of the Templar Order, that this trinitarian practice was abolished for being regarded as a "pagan blasphemies"[3]. By the time of the Templar Order, only reverence for the Father of Understanding remained.

Known Sacred Voices


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