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The farms in the region

The Sacred Plains of Demeter was the name for the western region of Attika, Greece most notable for housing the Sanctuary of Eleusis.

Dedicated to the goddess Demeter, the 'earth-mother' of Greek mythology, the plains were Attika's fertile lands. [1]


In addition to the Sanctuary, the Plains were also home to a cave reputed to be the Entrance to the Underworld.[1] The region's connection to the goddess Demeter was further enforced by the Anthion Flowery Well, said to have been where the goddess herself spoke to the daughters of king Keleos.[2]

Due to the sacred nature of the region, tombs of Eteokles and the Epigones were located in the region's mountains.[1]


During the late 5th century BCE, Barnabas' wife remarried and settled at a farm together with her daughter in the Plains after she lost contact with Barnabas. [3]

During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra explored the region.[1]




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