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Sýnin was a female[1][2] raven that accompanied the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan during the invasion of England in the 9th century,[3] as well as on Eivor's further travels to Ireland[4], the Isle of Skye[5] and Francia to aid in Rollo's siege of Paris.[6]


In 2020, while reliving Eivor's genetic memories through the Portable Animus HR-8.5, the Assassin Layla Hassan modified the Animus interface to allow for a variety of skins to be applied to Sýnin:

Image Name Description Availability
ACV Sýnin Albino.png Albino These white ravens are said to have escaped from Hel, Loki's death-bound daughter. Stable merchant
ACV Sýnin Angelus Mortis.png Angelus Mortis This dark bird is often compared to the angel of death, who drags souls of sinners to throw them in the frozen lake of guilt. Reda's Shop or Gothic Pack
ACV Sýnin Bald eagle.png Bald Eagle A most fierce and stubborn bird. Not the sort to keep around any unattended family pets smaller than a pony... Reda's Shop or Hearthweru Pack
Bjartr An awe inspiring sight, closer to a ray of light given physical form than any actual bird seen anywhere else. Reda's Shop or Knight ISU Pack
ACV Sýnin Black and White.png Black and White Ravens of this coloring are rumored to see into the realms of the living and the dead. Stable merchant
ACV Sýnin Blood Eagle.png Blood Eagle This raven survived by eating the remains of warriors fallen in battle. Reda's Shop or Einherjar Pack
ACV Sýnin Blue Shades.png Blue Shades Ravens of this shade have been touched by Mani as he drove his chariot across the night sky. Stable merchant
ACV Sýnin Bone Raven.png Bone Raven A raven born out of a nightmare of Niflheim. Oskoreia Festival
ACV Sýnin Celtic Raven.png Celtic Raven These black birds are drawn to battlefields and the death of great warrior. It's said their sight is so keen they can see into the underworld. Stable merchant
(Wrath of the Druids only)
ACV Sýnin Colorful Raven.png Colorful Raven A raven with all the colors of the wind. Ēostre festival
ACV Sýnin Dellingr's Envoy.png Dellingr's Envoy This raven wears all the colors of the god after whom it is named, from the frozen dark of the night to the fiery sun of the morning. Reda's Shop or Twilight Pack
Drakeling Not to be confused with Wyrmlings, whom Drakes in general seem to despise with a singular burning hatred. At least, that is what scholars say... Reda's Shop or Dragon Knight Pack
ACV Sýnin Droninn.png Droninn Once in the air, this bird seems to stay in the sky for days, monitoring your area and scanning for any danger. Reda's Shop or Modern Day Pack
ACV Sýnin Eugene.png Eugene This bird must have been the companion of the most powerful mage, since it speaks back to you in the human tongue. Sometimes, he even seems to be mocking you. Reda's Shop or Mystical Pack
ACV Sýnin Falcon.png Falcon These sleek birds of prey prefer to kill with their beak over their talons. Stable merchant
Feigr To say this bird is "near to death" may be a very optimistic way of stating the obvious. Reda's Shop or Draugr Pack
ACV Sýnin Fylgja.png Fylgja There are rumors that this is not a real raven, but a shapeshifter or perhaps a totemic spirit given physical form. Reda's Shop or Werewolf Pack
Gallus This flying rooster is just as agile as other types of bird, it may actually be unique in this regard. Reda's Shop or Charlemagne Pack
Huginn A raven of legend that supposedly sees all and reports its discoveries back to Odin. Reda's Shop or Valkyrie Pack
ACV Sýnin Hunting Falcon.png Hunting Falcon No prey can hide from the falcon's talons. Sigrblot Festival
Iron Claws Its red coloured alloy shows the aggressivity of this flying beast. One even claimed to see it rip enemies heads off with its sharp claws. Reda's Shop or Holy Knight Pack
ACV Sýnin Leidarstjarna.png Leidarstjarna Described as the brightest star in the sky, this raven guides sailors in the darkest times of night. Reda's Shop or High Elf Pack
Mechanical Raven A marvelous bird that has been hand-crafted by the ingenious dwarven engineers. Stable merchant after 6 Mythical Memories in Svartalfheim

(Dawn of Ragnarök only)
Muninn A mythical raven branded with Odin's mark. It may or may not whisper secrets. Reda's Shop or Berserker Pack
Nepja With wings of frost and talons of glistening ice, this infant creature will grow to become fearsome indeed. Reda's Shop or Niflheim Pack
Night Heron A nocturnal hunter, this graceful bird is the perfect companion for those who prowl at night. Reda's Shop or Huldufolk Pack
Ormr Could this small creature be of the same lineage as the great World Serpent? Only by traveling with it can you find out. Reda's Shop or Jormungandr Pack
ACV Sýnin Phoenix.png Phoenix Around the campfire at night, old warriors say this mythical bird has been alive for centuries, and some even claim the secret of immortality lies in its fiery feathers... Reda's Shop or Hel's Damnation Pack
Pigeon It lacks any notable lineage, confers no prestige to its owner, and likes to make a mess of things. Reda's Shop or Carolingian Dynasty Gear Pack
ACV Sýnin Puffy.png Puffy A puffin companion. Either as a self-imposed challenge or for comedic relief, bring this normally docile animal out to the hunt. Reda's Shop or Ullr's Hunter Pack
ACV Sýnin Rebel Raven.png Rebel Raven Frankish frills for your feathered friend. Bought from Pierre after reaching max Infamy
(The Siege of Paris only)
ACV Sýnin Savage.png Savage This wild bird will accept you as a companion, even help you, but do not by any means consider it tame. Stable merchant
ACV Sýnin Scales.png Scales The previous owner's pet name for the diminutive flying lizard that kept following him around on his adventures. Reda's Shop or Dark Knight Pack
ACV Sýnin Seidhr.png Seidhr Since Huginn and Muninn are busy gathering information, Odin enchanted another raven to hunt with. Probably. Reda's Shop or Black Raven Pack
Steel Crow How one manages to animate a metal bird and make it fly surely reamins the domain of gods... Reda's Shop or Steampunk Pack
Sunrise Born of the light, this divine eagle will disperse the darkest clouds to herald a glorious new day. Reda's Shop or Blessed Warrior Pack
Thunderbird Many claim that they know the correct origins of this golden bird, with the lightning coming from its eyes. The animal itself seems to not care. Reda's Shop or Taranis Pack
Vampire Bat If it looks like a bat, smells like a bat and is called a bat, surely it is a bat, yes? Albeit a very large, agile and friendly one. Reda's Shop or Night Rogue Pack
ACV Sýnin Vinland Crow.png Vinland Crow A type of bird from a far-off land that was brought back by stalwart explorers. Ubisoft Connect
ACV Sýnin Völundr.png Völundr Let the god Wayland guide you through your adventures! With his ornaments and piercing vision, he's an exceptional companion in both beauty and might. Complete "Through Faith & Fire" in Discovery Tour: Viking Age
ACV Sýnin White Senu.png White Senu Used to warm and dry climates, this majestic companion will still help you despite the cold. Ubisoft Connect
Wyrmling Small, but ferocious, companion. At this stage of development, it is hard to say this will grow to be a dragon, a wyrm, a drake or a wyvern. Reda's Shop or Knight of the Round Table Pack
ACV Sýnin Yokai.png Yokai This marvelous bird responds to the name and can follow simple commands, although the meaning of its name is lost on you. Reda's Shop or Shinobi Pack
Zhuque Old texts indicate this creature could be a "Fenghuang". The creature responds to "Zhuque" on the other hand, and that is what it is named. Reda's Shop or Lunar Pack

Behind the scenes

Sýnin first appeared in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's reveal livestream, flying over Eivor's shoulder.[7] Her name was first revealed in an interview with USGamer, where it was announced that she would appear in-game as a companion and extension of the Eagle Vision mechanic introduced in Assassin's Creed: Origins and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.[8] "Sýnin" is the definitive form of the Old Norse word sýn, meaning 'sight, vision'. The name is intended to mean 'insight' and is pronounced "Sue-nin" (/'suːnɪn/).[9]




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