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"What did you accomplish, boy? A bolt loosened in Starrick's machine, a large bolt... but not enough! [...] The mechanism we have built has been going strong for a hundred years and will run a thousand more. It is the very city itself."
―Ferris to Jacob Frye on the Templars' power over London, 1868.[src]-[m]

Rupert Ferris (1830 – 1868) was a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order and the owner of Ferris Ironworks, an iron factory in Croydon.

Through his enterprise, which had laborers work tirelessly to increase profit and production, he ensured Grand Master Crawford Starrick could exert his control over the industries of London and beyond.


"Mr. Ferris has made note of our declining production. He demands that more iron be produced each day! No time must be wasted!"
―An orator relaying Ferris' orders to his workers, 1868.[src]-[m]

Ferris was conceived by his aging parents in an attempt to salvage their marriage, but to no avail, as they divorced shortly thereafter. As an adult, he came to own a run-of-the-mill iron factory called the Bow Rail Works, which he soon dubbed Ferris Ironworks. The factory would become known for its poor treatment of workers, who often died of exhaustion. To remedy this, Ferris began hiring younger laborers.[1]

Since 1862, Crawford Starrick purchased the Ferris Ironworks, which became part of the Grand Master's vast empire, and Ferris himself joined the ranks of the Templar Order. As a result, Ferris' wealth greatly increased; he subsequently spent a large part of it on a charitable society and a local brothel, though the former is thought to have been mere lip service on Ferris' part.[1] For his Templar affiliations, as well as his appalling treatment and usage of child workers, Ferris was targeted by the British Brotherhood of Assassins.[3]

In February 1868, Ferris, after dealing with an injured child worker, returned to his office. There, he dictated a letter for Starrick to his secretary, informing the Grand Master that he had secured a source of iron ore that would supply them for years to come. After the missive had been written, Ferris spoke with his secretary about the health of the man's father.[2]

Shortly thereafter, the Assassin Jacob Frye assassinated Ferris for his role in Starrick's schemes. As the factory owner lay dying, he mocked the British Brotherhood for its refusal to engage with the Templars in London. Once Ferris breathed his last, Jacob dipped a handkerchief in his blood, before making his escape.[2]

Behind the scenes

Rupert Ferris is a minor character from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate who is voiced by the Canadian actor Allan Cooke.


  • Rupert is a Low German form of Robert, which can be traced back to the Germanic name Hrodebert. Said name means 'bright fame', being derived from the Germanic elements hrod ("fame") and beraht ("bright").
  • The surname Ferris is an Anglicization of the Old Gaelic name O'Fearghusa, a compound of the Gaelic O, meaning "grandson" or "male descendant", and the personal name Fergus, which itself is composed of the elements fear ("man") and gus ("vigour, force"). The name is also similar to the word ferrous, possibly referencing Ferris' position as factory owner of the Ferris Ironworks.




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