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Runaway Train was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie was contacted by the driver of the Train Hideout and asked to purchase a seven-inch flywheel.


  • Driver: Bob, that sparrow-brained apprentice of mine, installed a wrong part for the Iron Duke we're running. If someone could nip down to the shop and pick up a seven-inch flywheel for me, I'd be grateful.

Evie obliged and went to speak with a merchant in the City of London borough.

  • Evie: I would like a seven-inch flywheel, please.
  • Merchant: Hang on a minute! Damnit. I can't get a blessed thing done 'round here.

Bob, the driver's apprentice, suddenly appeared.

  • Bob: Miss Evie! I done something dreadful. The train won't stop!

Evie turned to the merchant.

  • Evie: Keep your flywheel.

She then jumped into a carriage and rode towards the runaway train. Managing to climb aboard, she spoke with the driver.

  • Driver: Quick! The brakes are gone! She's burstin' into flame! Climb 'round and put out the fires while I fix the brakes!

The locomotive spewed out burning chunks of coal that caused fires on the other carriages.

  • Evie: These fires won't put themselves out.
  • Driver: Where does this blasted thing go?

Evie clambered onto the carriages and began putting the fires out.

  • Evie: I need to be quick.
    These damn fires keep cropping up!
    I can't let these fires take hold!
    Another one!
    I've got to stay on top of this.
    Damn! Another fire!
    I must get them out quickly.
    Another one over there!
    Just one more minute and we should be safe.
    Come on! Thirty seconds and we should be stopped.
    Only ten seconds left!

Evie then made her way back to the locomotive.

  • Driver: Damn this thing!
    Hellfire and damnation!

Evie attempted to fix the locomotive, but was interrupted when she heard a discharge of some sort.

  • Evie: What was that? I better check on the driver.
  • Driver: I'm hurt! Engage the brakes! Now!

Evie pushed the lever, finally bringing the train to a halt.

  • Evie: I really must tell Bob not to make anymore improvements on the train.


Evie managed to bring the Train Hideout to a stop.


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