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Rumored Bracelet Location was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


One of the maps given by Xenia for the Makedonian bracelet leads here.


Kassandra sailed to one of the five rumored locations and looted the place.

  • Kassandra: Not bad! But I don't think this is what Xenia is looking for.

She finally arrives at the Sanctuary of Sounion and went behind it down an altar by a cliff. She noticed something different.

  • Kassandra: Huh. An offering box is missing.

Kassandra investigated a trail of clues.

  • Kassandra: These ribbons tied the box shut.
  • Kassandra: The lid of the offering box.
  • Kassandra: Flower petals. These would have lined the offering box.
  • Kassandra: Someone tossed the box here... but it's empty.

As she turns round a corner, she saw two men arguing and overhears them.

  • Laios: Didn't you like it? I thought you would like it!
  • Kassandra: Perhaps one of these couples saw something.
  • Hyacinthos: Doesn't matter if I liked it. You stole from the gods!

Kassandra approaches them.

  • Laios: Do you have any idea how much it was worth?
  • Hyacinthos: What it's worth? What's a curse from the gods worth?!
  • Laios: Don't be a superstitious donkey! That bracelet was priceless!
  • Kassandra: Hey.
  • Hyacinthos: All you care about is money! What about how I feel?
  • Kassandra: Hey!
  • Laios: I wanted to impress you!
  • Hyacinthos: You wanted to get into my clothes, you mean!
  • Kassandra: HEY!

They turned their attention to her.

  • Laios: Huh? What do you want?

  • Kassandra: Which one of you idiots stole the bracelet from the shine?
  • Hyacinthos: By Poseidon, she knows!
  • Laios: Shut your teeth! She doesn't know anything! How could she?
  • Kassandra: Maybe because every goat-herder around could hear your spat? Give me the bracelet.
  • Laios: You don't scare me!

Kassandra turns angry and moves a bit closer.

  • Kassandra: Where?

  • Kassandra: Tremble, you fools, for I am the wrath of Apollo!

Kassandra moves her arms dramatically.

  • Hyacinthos: I told you Laios! The gods come to punish us!
  • Kassandra: Exactly! Give me what I want or I will smite you down!

Laios asks nervously.

  • Laios: And what do you want?
  • Hyacinthos: Fool! She wants the bracelet you stole!
  • Kassandra: You understand completely! Give me the bracelet!

  • Hyacinthos: I threw it off the cliffs, into the sea.

Kassandra whispers to herself.

  • Kassandra: Maláka. Guess I'm going for a swim.

Kassandra walked a few paces into the cliff and dove. She found the Makedonian Bracelet on the seafloor.


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