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"You are a naught but a murderous plunderer."
―Eivor, to Rued.[src]-[m]

Rued (died 873) was a Viking jarl who based himself at Burgh Castle in East Anglia during the 9th century.


At some point in the late 9th century, Rued attacked Oswald, heir to the East Anglian throne after Edmund the Martyr's death.[1] Believing Oswald dead, the Raven Clan shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir rallied a force of Anglo-Saxons and Danes to avenge the king's presumed murder.[2] The army assaulted the castle, only to find Oswald alive but imprisoned in the fort for Rued's own reasons. In the battle, Rued and his pet wolf were defeated by Eivor in personal combat, allowing her allies to free Oswald.[3]

Behind the scenes


Rued is a name derived from the Old Norse word hróðr, meaning 'fame, famed'.[4]



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