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Rudolf II (right) seated with his alchemists

Rudolf II (18 July 1552 – 20 January 1612), born Rudolf von Habsburg, was the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1576 until his death, the King of Hungary and Croatia, the King of Bohemia, and the Archduke of Austria.


At one point, people spoke of a monster that roamed Prague, hunting noblemen and alchemists alike. As a result, the citizens of Prague criticized Rudolf II for being weak and unresponsive in stopping the creature.[1]

Prompted by the public outcry, Rudolf called many alchemists to meet him and discuss the proper course of action to remove the threat the monster posed. As a result, it was decided that all notable alchemists of the city would be protected by the city guards.[1]

Rudolf II was also the one responsible for the imprisonment of Edward Kelley, having grown tired of waiting for the gold he was promised, though he restored his status after his release. However, the Emperor did not fully trust Kelley, as he had his house placed under surveillance.[1]

He eventually ordered the city guards to take Edward Kelley back to the prison because he had failed to produce gold again, which, indirectly, resulted in his death.[1]

Rudolf II also had a surreal painting of him titled Vertumnus, painted by the Italian painther, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.[2].