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"Are you trying to sneak up on me? I’m not sure because you’re so terrible at it."
―Ruan talking to Darius, upon spotting him sneaking in her room.[src]

Ruan Lingyu (Chinese: 阮玲玉; 1910 – 1935), born Ruan Fenggen (阮鳳根), was a Chinese actress active in Shanghai during the early 20th century.


When the British Templar Darius Gift arrived in Shanghai to deliver a package to Chiang Kai-shek, Ruan stole it for unknown reasons. In order to accomplish her mission and seduce the young man, Ruan posed as a prostitute named Roo, creating a fake story about the difficulty of foreigners to pronounce her true name and how she adopted the name given to her one day by an American client.[1]