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The Royal Fortune was a Man O' War captained by the pirate and Sage Bartholomew Roberts from 1719 to 1722. Before that, the ship was known as Nosso Senhor da Compreensão, and formed a part of the Portuguese Navy.


During their mission to acquire several blood vials in order to open the Observatory, the pirates Bartholomew Roberts and Edward Kenway captured the Nosso Senhor da Compreensão off the coast of Mexico in 1719. Soon thereafter, the pirates escape with the ship and sunk the pursuing Portuguese fleet.[1] Afterwards, Roberts took the ship for himself and named it the Royal Fortune.[2]

Roberts retained control of the Royal Fortune for three years, until Kenway pursued him to Príncipe in order to retrieve the Crystal Skull in Roberts' possession. Upon seeing Kenway approaching, Roberts jumped from a cliff onto the Fortune to try to escape.[2]

While the Fortune was bigger and more heavily armed, it was slower than the Jackdaw, allowing Kenway to catch up with it. After reaching the open sea, the Royal Fortune came under attack from the Royal Navy and Spanish Navy, both of which were also after Roberts. The Jackdaw disabled the ship, allowing Kenway to board it, kill Roberts, and retrieve the skull. The Royal Navy then captured the Royal Fortune soon after.[2]

Its sails and figurehead were later recovered by Kenway's Pirate fleet.


  • Nosso Senhor da Compreensão is Portuguese for "Our Lord of Understanding"; a reference to the Father of Understanding.
  • The Royal Fortune was one of the few vessels that could fire from the stern, hitting ships behind her. She also used fire barrels, a tactic typically associated with schooners.
  • The Royal Fortune is one of the few ships that the player can pilot which isn’t the Jackdaw – the only others are the Jacobite, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and the Revenge.
  • Before her capture by Roberts, she was the only Portuguese-named ship of the Portuguese Fleet as the other ships' names are Spanish.
  • Historically the Fortune was attacked by two British Men O' War, with one called the HMS Swallow, where her full broadside managed to kill Roberts and forced the crew to surrender. In-game, she was attacked by four Spanish frigates and the Royal Navy, though the Spanish did not became that active in pirate hunting. The HMS Swallow did appear in the novelization as described by Edward, replacing the four frigates in the game, which also attacked the Jackdaw while pursuing the Fortune.
  • If the player looked closely, the Fortune has a lesser number of cannons when Roberts captured it, considering that the upper gun decks do not have any cannons, while, when it was still serving the Portuguese Navy, she had a full number of cannons in each gun deck.
    • In the fleet, the Nosso Senior da Compreensão is observed to be level 70 when looking through the spyglass. When she becomes the Royal Fortune, the spyglass shows her to be level 36.
    • It is unknown what upgraded elements the ship sports in order to be classified as superior to the level 60, 49 and 36 Men O' War that can normally be encountered across the West Indies. 
  • The Fortune's model was seemingly re-used in Assassin's Creed: Rogue for the Gang Men O' War, though it had several modifications.
  • If Edward defeated all legendary ships like the El Impoluto or the HMS Prince before starting Black Bart's Gambit, the Fortune has a charged attack despite not possessing a naval ram and it could only deal half the damage that the Jackdaw could do to other ships.




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