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"Welcome to the Rosa in Fiore; as you can see, the most popular brothel in Roma."
―Claudia Auditore da Firenze, on the Rosa's fame.[src]
Rosa in Fiore 1

Rosa in Fiore

The Rosa in Fiore (English: Blooming Rose) was the base of the courtesans in Rome which later became the city's most popular brothel.


Under the Solari

"Filth can be hidden by shadows. Foul smells masked by stronger scents, mostly imported. Disease is... difficult."
―Fiora Cavazza, a courtesan of the Rosa.[src]
Playing Nice

The Rosa in Fiore, 1497

Founded in 1400, the Rosa in Fiore was initially known for its preferential treatment for members of the Vatican: the higher the rank, the more women allowed in the room at once.[1]

From as early as 1497, the Rosa in Fiore was run by both madonna Solari and her brother Santino. Though already visited by various foreign and local patrons, the brothel was in poor shape; with one courtesan, Fiora Cavazza, noting the filth and foul stenches hidden beneath the decorations and perfume.[2]

Madonna Solari encouraged her girls to do whatever was necessary to gain their customers' satisfaction, and was always quick to dismiss those who showed signs of disease. However, as Fiora once commented, "with so many sailors playing in foreign lands, I fear we face a losing battle."[2]

Some time later, Cesare Borgia visited the brothel, after finding out that the Solari were caught up in some shady business deals. In exchange for their lives, the Solari offered the Captain General one of their girls for his personal service. After Cesare selected Fiora Cavazza, the Rosa in Fiore was allowed to continue operation.[2]

Auditore acquisition

Rosa in Fiore 4

The Rosa in Fiore, 1500

In 1500, after the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze sought an alliance with the courtesans of Rome, he discovered that their Madame was being held hostage by a group of slave traders, who had been hired by Cesare Borgia. Despite his attempts to rescue her, Madonna Solari was killed, as the bandits slit her throat when he attempted to bargain with them.[3]

Left leaderless, the Rosa in Fiore was taken over jointly by Claudia Auditore da Firenze and her mother Maria, against Ezio's initial protests; despite this, Ezio funded the renovations necessary to re-establish the brothel with the ransom money for the former Madame. Over time, the Rosa in Fiore played host to many patrons visiting it each day, including important Roman cardinals, senators and Papal Guards, proving as a invaluable information asset to the Assassin Order.[3]


  • A rift was located on the Rosa's northern wall, which was available after the building had been renovated.
  • In the novelization of Brotherhood, Rosa took over the position of Madame from Claudia between 1503 and 1507.




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