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You may be looking for: Tiber Island Hideout or the Sanctuary

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The hideout was the base for a group of Assassins – consisting of Lucy Stillman, Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane, and Desmond Miles – during the year 2012.

The building itself appears to be in Italy possibly in Rome but known to be south of Monteriggioni, as evidenced by signs written in Italian, and the architecture outside. The loft area of the hideout contains three doors that cannot be opened throughout the whole game, one of which is a reinforced metal door. Given that there is only one bed visible in the rest of the building, it is likely that at least one of the hidden rooms is for accommodation. Various equipment in the Hideout is branded with the Abstergo logo, perhaps indicating that it was stolen.

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The Animus room contains the Animus 2.0 otherwise referred to as "Baby" by Rebecca. Lucy is usually found sitting at her desk with her computer. Her role is keeping track of the Assassin parties outside of the "hideout", fighting the Templars. Shaun acts as a researcher, and he writes for the Animus' database as well as provide tactical support of other Assassins out in the field. Rebecca works next to the Animus, keeping record of its performance. Maintaining and fixing the machine is her responsibility. She also adds notes to the database using the username "RebeccaC84", sometimes noting that there is a hidden "Glyph" on a nearby building. During the interludes when Desmond steps out of the Animus, he can interact with these characters to learn more about them and the story. Unfortunately, there is nothing else to do in these segments.

The ground floor of the building contains a large warehouse with piles of boxes, which later serve as a makeshift climbing tutorial for Desmond. It is possible that the Assassins bought the building after it had already been built as a warehouse. This area also contains the building's security systems.


  • When in the temporary base of the assassins, while using Eagle Vision, the road blockers on either side of the garage door are seen in blue, as if they were allies.
  • It is suspected that the Hideout and Abstergo Laboratory is in Italy, considering that the outside of the hideout looks exactly like Florence in Ezio’s time, and that the parking lot in Abstergo and the Assassin’s hideout have signs that have words in Italian, including "sezione", which means "section" in English. In Abstergo’s garage there are signs in Italian saying "Parcheggio riservato" meaning "Reserved parking" and "Altezza totale" meaning "Altitude". In the end of Assassin's Creed II, Lucy says that they can hide out in a cabin up north and Rebecca later says that it's a long drive. The cabin is later revealed in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to be the Sanctuary underneath Monteriggioni.
  • The keyboards used by Lucy and the other assassins are unusual in that they seem to "mirror" standard keyboards, with number pads on the left side and the main enter key also being on the left side. Presumably the rest of the keyboard is also reversed in a similar fashion.
  • A picture and the word "alert" can be seen on Lucy's and Shaun's computers at the hideout.
  • A glitch occurs if the player turns off the game after DNA sequence 11 is completed (during the cutscene when Desmond comes out of the Animus then immediately asks to go back in for the next DNA sequence). The player will be in the warehouse section of the hideout, but Lucy, Rebecca and Shaun will be nowhere and you cannot re-enter the Animus anymore, you are stuck in the hideout with nothing, although there is a missing wall down in the warehouse section that you can jump through, but it will lead you to a pool of water with no way back up and nowhere to go. This glitch was fixed in an update.
  • In PlayStation Home you are allowed to roam free around the hideout once you find all the glyphs in the Abstergo laboratory but you can only be in the room where the Animus is located, you can't go to the lower level in the Hideout.
  • If you look closely when you talk with Shaun, you can see the Animus map of Venice and complete one of Florence.
  • The interior design of the main area in the hideout is strikingly similar to that of the Ubisoft Montreal office; it is not known if this similarity is intentional or not.


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