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The Rome hideout

The Rome hideout was one of the many Assassin safehouses around the world,[1] and it served as the base for a cell of Assassins consisting of Lucy Stillman, Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane and Desmond Miles in 2012.

The building itself was located in Rome within the Tor Tre Teste industrial area[1] and divided into two sections, the warehouse and the loft. The loft further branched out from the main room into three other rooms, one of which was locked with a reinforced metal door.[2]

Main room[]

AC2 Hideout Main Room 1

The hideout's main room

The main room contained most of the team's equipment, including the Animus 2.0 and the desks for each of the Assassins. A small allocated area also contained a couch and a double bed. Lucy was usually sitting at her desk, working on her computer. Her role was to keep track of the Assassin parties outside of the hideout, who were actively fighting the Templars. Shaun acted as the team's researcher and sat at a desk next to a bookshelf and cork boards covered with pictures and maps. There, he wrote entries for the Animus database and provided tactical support for the other Assassin teams out in the field. Rebecca worked next to the Animus and kept record of its performance, as well as maintaining its mechanisms. She also occasionally added notes to the database, such as to remind Desmond that a hidden Glyph could be found near to a certain location.[2]


The ground floor of the building contained a large warehouse with stacks of crates, shelves, and a small garage. Desmond practiced his freerunning skills there, climbing across the boxes and rafters of the warehouse. The area also contained the building's security systems.[2]


  • While using Eagle Vision, the road blockers on either side of the garage door are marked with blue, as if they are allies.
  • The surrounding buildings seen through the windows of the hideout appear to be the same as those in Ezio Auditore da Firenze's memories.
  • The keyboards used by Lucy and the other Assassins are unusual, in that they seemed to "mirror" standard keyboards, with number pads and the Enter key located on the left side.
  • The interior design of the main area in the hideout is similar to that of the Ubisoft Montreal office. It is not known if this similarity is intentional.
  • A glitch could occur if Assassin's Creed II was turned off after completing DNA Sequence 11, when Desmond exited from the Animus. During this time, Desmond would be in the warehouse section of the hideout, but Lucy, Rebecca, and Shaun would be absent, and the Animus could not be entered. There would also be a missing wall down in the warehouse section that he could jump through, but it only led to a pool of water with no way back up and nowhere to go. This glitch was fixed in a later update.
  • In PlayStation Home, free-roaming around the main room of the Rome hideout was allowed after finding all the glyphs in the Abstergo laboratory.