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Fiora Cavazza was the first chapter of the Rome pack, part of Abstergo Industries' Project Legacy involving the Data Dump Scanner.

Memory Details[]

Subject: Fiora Cavazza

Location: Rome, Italy

Time Period: 1497 - 1503 CE

Introduction Video[]


Assasin's Creed Project Legacy - Rome, Chapter 1 - Fiora Cavazza

Video Summary: "Please wait a moment while we synchronize the DDS. You may find yourself daydreaming more often and sleeping less. This is a normal side effect of the program.

"Many of Rome's biggest names spent their leisure time indulging in its many brothels. They were ideal information hubs for those eager to scale the social ladder. Fiora Cavazza was one such courtesan. Investigate her contacts; find out who she knew, and what she did with that knowledge."

Who You Know[]

Playing Nice

The Rosa in Fiore bustles with clients, most of them disgusting. Madonna Solari pushes us to mingle. Flirt. Romance. Seduce. Whatever necessary. Men of power are quick to share it for a night of fantasy. There is no shortage of coin nor hedonist in Roma and business has never been better.

Playing Nice[]

Requirements: 11 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 21 XP, 185 florins.
Chance Items: Deckhand, Herald, Slaver, Smuggler, Shipwright.

Filth can be hidden by shadows. Foul smells masked by stronger scents, mostly imported. Disease is... difficult. Madonna Solari is quick to dismiss any girl with symptoms, but with so many sailors playing in foreign lands, I fear we face a losing battle. Still, our work continues.

Playing Nice

Playing Nice

  • This one seems nice enough. He has some minor connections. We trade poetry. His teeth appear as though they wish to escape his mouth; they garble his speech and I struggle to understand him. Fortunately, he has no desire to kiss me.
  • Another partner. He wears a rash upon his chest. Inflamed, discolored scales. I turn him away. Disgusting! I am told he may retaliate, that he is a military commander. I scoff.
  • This mercenary is handsome. Opulent. He will pay me well. His face bears several battle scars. Noble women must find them unattractive, but I think they give him character. He begins to undress, so I do the same.
  • A lady of adventure! I invite her in. Women pose much less risk, though they risk much being seen with us. She is an artist. She knows at least one of the masters, though she will not reveal his name. Perhaps next time.
  • I have seen this man speak outside his church. Ristoro. An insatiable beast, making a mockery of his frock. He denies it, but we all know he serves the Borgia. I tolerate his perversions.
  • No impressive connections today, but my job requires persistence. I need only one powerful "friend" and I will be done with Madame Solari. Done with the Rosa in Fiore. I am not ungrateful. I am a fine wine served in a low class tavern.

Flirting With Danger[]

Requirements: 12 AP (per execution), Colorful Frock.
Rewards: 25 XP, 190 florins.
Chance Items: Doctor, Politician, Botanist, Captain.

The Jubilee has brought all types of people to Roma. Some famous. Some wealthy. We have a promising group of guests today. I put on a smile. A swagger to my step. This may be the day.


Flirting With Danger

  • This one claims to be a prince. He is perfumed. His fake scent overpowers mine. He has put more time into his hair than I have. Every curl immaculate. Every whisker of his beard trimmed and ordered. Every word from his mouth groomed as well.
  • A treasure chest of an ambassador! He yearns to share his secrets and I promise him confidentiality. Golden coins begin to tumble from his mouth!
  • I entertain a banker from Firenze. I expected significant gratuity. I should have known better. Still, he has introduced me to some of his powerful companions.
  • A thick accent. I cannot place it. He has obviously traveled far for the Jubilee and he is looking to relax. I help him. He begins to share stories about his country and its views on Italia. His views are dangerous. He tells me several of Roma’s politicians agree with him.
  • An hour with a gentleman! He woos me. Dotes on me. Begins to ask me questions. I see! He plays the game as well. We trade information.
  • I have made allies today. Gained insight into Roma's social circle. The other girls are jealous. Good. I have earned everything I have.


Requirements: 13 AP (per execution), 3 Smugglers, 2 Slavers, 2 Doctors, 4 Politicians, 2 Colorful Frocks, 2 Courtesans.
Rewards: 27 XP, 195 florins.

Tonight I am to escort Santino, madonna Solari’s brother. I will take one of his arms and Lucia the other. He is a dangerous man. A swindler. I complain but soon realize that no amount of protest will make any difference.



  • Santino delivers payments. Bribes. He does not speak long enough for me to learn his contacts. Who are these men?
  • Threats, now. Santino punches a man! Demands information. He gets it. Shipping routes. Slave trading?
  • I question Santino, but he responds with a slap! Lucia defends me and receives the same answer!
  • Santino tells us to wait in a courtyard and knocks on a nearby door. There is no answer. He kicks it several times, but it does not give. He fumes and swears!
  • We are sworn to silence, though we do not know what we have seen. He punctuates his threat with a flash of his dagger. I am not impressed, but Lucia weeps.
  • I am left with only the slightest comprehension of Santino’s business, which appears to be crumbling. His anger betrays his fear. His mistakes have made him enemies. He assures us his sister will hear of our cooperation and then he leaves. After he has turned the corner, I spit.

He Walked In[]

Requirements: 15 AP (per execution), 1 Elegant Gown, 1 Perfume (per execution).
Rewards: 31 XP, 200 florins.
Chance Items: Sealed Secret Orders.

Santino enters the Rosa in Fiore. He wears a bruise on his cheek. A man follows behind him. Well-dressed. Hawk eyes. Noble. I recognize him at once – Cesare Borgia. Cesare studies the room, considering each girl. Our eyes lock and he smiles. He gestures me to him.

He Walked In

He Walked In

  • The Borgia are corrupt. Everyone knows it. Few speak it. I do not concern myself with morals. How could I, in this business? Besides, his charisma is intoxicating. I am immediately drawn to him.
  • He questions me about my night with Santino. I try to hide my opinions, but fail. He is skilled. He reads my face. Finally, I tell him what I suspect. He confirms it. Santino and his sister have been dabbling in trades where they are unwelcome.
  • Cesare asks about my clients. Borgia in particular. I tell him I have never heard the name before. He smiles. I pass his test.
  • I begin to undress, perhaps a bit too eager. He stops me.
  • Cesare asks me about my ambitions. He is the first.
  • Cesare explains the situation. In exchange for their lives, madonna Solari and Santino have given Cesare the pick of one girl. Me. I will leave the Rosa in Fiore and move into luxury, merely posing as a courtesan. I accept. Not that there was a choice.

Black Market[]

Spare Parts

I have served the Borgia for six years now. Done horrible things. Seen the fantastic. I regret none of it. A war has made its way to Roma, fought in the streets, the senate, and the churches. Cesare has tasked me to coordinate his shadow army.

The Price of Faith[]

Requirements: 10 AP (per execution), 1 Ritual Dagger, 5 Courtesans (Previously 1 Courtesan per execution, changed December 21, 2010) .
Rewards: 19 XP, 70 florins.
Chance Items: Religious Icons, Letter Of Indulgence, Letter Of Condemnation, Letter Of Absolution, Monk, Priest, Cardinal, Sealed Secret Orders.

I have brought flesh for Brother Ristoro’s appetite. New girls eager for experience. In return, Ristoro has prepared church documents and trinkets for Cesare’s agents. I have avoided the worm since my time at the Rosa in Fiore. I hope he has forgotten my face.

The Price of Faith

The Price Of Faith

  • He does not even glance at the other girls. He walks right to me and puts a hand upon my cheek. Tells me I was always his favorite. I kick him between the legs and threaten him with Cesare’s wrath! He whimpers.
  • Ristoro opens several drawers and produces religious icons and amulets. He believes they will be useful to Cesare’s plan. I am not convinced, but I take them.
  • I exaggerate Cesare’s request. A little extra coin for myself. Payment for having to gaze upon this wretched man.
  • Ristoro hands me a stack of documents. He says it is filled with pardons and payments for Cesare’s contacts. Officially sealed by the Church. Why anyone would give this man such power is beyond me.
  • Ristoro provides me with various pieces of religious gear. Junk. I am not sure that I can put any of it to use, but I take it anyway. Perhaps he toys with me.
  • As I turn to leave, Ristoro tries again to touch me. The girls move into his path and pull him away, giggling. They have a long night ahead. I almost feel guilty leaving them behind.

Go-To Girl[]

Requirements: 11 AP (per execution), Expensive Gift (per execution).
Rewards: 22 XP, 0 florins.
Chance Items: Bauble, Trinket, Curio, Valuable Antique.

Lia de Russo. Smuggler. She is not at our meeting point. She never is. I wait several minutes and then turn to leave. Suddenly, she steps into my path. I follow her into a locked shop that she has apparently claimed as one of her storehouses.

Go-To Girl

Go-To Girl

  • I try to make conversation. She is uninterested. She hands me some blood-stained relic and smiles.
  • I cannot fathom why Cesare would want any of these random objects.
  • Now this is a treasure! Not one I particularly need, but I cannot imagine where she obtained it. She does seem proud.
  • How did she get this past the guards? Of course. Cesare owns the guards. Is there nothing out of this woman's reach?
  • The room smells of death. Heavy with insects. It would not surprise me to find the previous owner's body on the other side of the counter.
  • I manage to collect the requested items from Lia and pay her the coin. She keeps her palm open. Good girl. I give her the rest of her payment and she clucks her disapproval. I tip her.

...And The Beast[]

Requirements: 10 AP (per execution), 1 Hammer, 1 Blacksmith's Tools, 3 Coal (per execution).
Rewards: 18 XP, 90 florins.
Chance Items: War Hammer, Longsword, Ritual Dagger, Straight Razor, Rondel, Shiv, Cinqueda, Executioner's Axe.

Cesare employs his own blacksmith, Auguste Oberlin. A former Swiss mercenary and craftsman in weapons. I knock on his shop door. My my. Aren’t you an ox of a man? Then he speaks. Articulate. Intelligent. I am shocked.

And the Beast

...And The Beast

  • He slaps me on the shoulder as I enter his shop. It stings! He offers me a drink.
  • He shows me a wide range of standard weaponry. I relay Cesare’s requests and have Auguste deliver the weapons to my helpers outside.
  • I notice small drawings covering most of one wall, starting with crude designs at the top and progressing to beautiful, intricate revisions near the bottom. Auguste explains that he distributes Borgia propaganda in Roma. I am amazed. How do such large hands produce such fine detail?
  • Auguste asks about Cesare’s more bizarre requests. I tell him what I know. Cesare has several renowned inventors and engineers in his employ. Rethinking weapons of war. Creating new ones.
  • The smith’s wife tells me I have overstayed my welcome. Demands that I leave. Auguste shouts back at her. The two growl at each other like wild dogs.
  • Auguste urges me to visit to him again. Carrying the last box of supplies, I push through the door. I promise him I will return. His wife scowls and I reply with a challenging wink.

Spare Parts[]

Requirements: 11 AP (per execution), 1 Inventors Tools, 1 Modified Arquebus,
Rewards: 22 XP, 100 florins.
Chance Items: Screw, Gear, Coil, Sprocket, Chain, Deadly Prosthetic, Box Of Components.

Gaspar de la Croix. Engineer. Marksman. Recluse. He frightens me, but his technical skills are unprecedented. His workshop is humble but overfilled. It is difficult to navigate without knocking over his myriad tools.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

  • Gaspar is singing in French. A sad song. I sense loss in his strained voice. What has he lost? I wait for him to finish before I speak. He startles.
  • The engineer is distant. He barely acknowledges me. Most of the parts he has repaired are already packed nicely into boxes.
  • He asks me uncomfortable questions. Have I ever witnessed death? Is death drive by fate, chance, or choice? I do not answer him.
  • He tinkers with a weapon. Aims it towards the clouded window. Squints at the shadows of people as they pass on the street outside. Sighs. Puts it back on the table and adjusts it further.
  • I offer Gaspar his payment, but he tells me it is not necessary. I leave it on his workbench anyway.
  • I thank Gaspar for his help. He answers with a subtle shrug. A haunted man. I am careful to avoid his front window as I walk away from his workshop.

Underground Army[]

Hired Muscle

Cesare's personal collection of misfits and miscreants grows, their only purpose to create strife within Roma. I am to meet with his key soldiers. Coordinate plans. Provide supplies. Study his animals in the wild.

Hired Muscle[]

Requirements: 11 AP (per execution), 1 Cinqueda, 1 MatchLock Rifle, 2 War Hammers, 2 Pikes, 2 Spears, 3 Long Swords (all items per execution).
Rewards: 26 XP, 220 florins.
Chance Items: Roman Sentry, Arquebusier, Papal Guard.

The condottiero Rocco Tiepolo collects warriors. Prides himself on acquiring exotic mercenaries and tactics. He is expensive, but the Borgia have no shortage of money. When I arrive, he is waiting for me. Food on the table. He pours wine.

Hired Muscle

Hired Muscle

  • I pick the mercenaries with obvious battle scars. A clear sign that they know what to expect. Tiepolo corrects me. Says all of his men have slain countless rivals, so those without scars are more impressive.
  • Some men show off their weapons. Brag about their exploits. Tease. I look for the silent ones. The serious faces.
  • Tiepolo instructs two of his mercenaries to fight for my favor as we dine. They are brutal. Each draws blood from the other. No small wounds, either. When they are finished, I tell Tiepolo I am not interested in damaged mercenaries. We both laugh.
  • The mercenaries ask where they will be sent to fight. I tell them I suspect Roma will be their battleground. They protest, but Tiepolo silences them.
  • Tiepolo shows me paintings of his own exploits. He has only lost two battles in decades of combat, but he commanded neither. I ask if he is for sale. He tells me Cesare will have to send more coin for that. He asks if I am for sale and I tell him that I have already been purchased.
  • Tiepolo invites me to stay longer. Tempting, but I decline. He hands me a signed contract for each man I have selected and I pay him with a pouch of Cesare's coin. The mercenaries are eager for battle. I promise them they will find one soon enough.

The Heedless Horseman[]

Requirements: 15 AP, (per execution), 4 Slavers, 6 Courier Horses, 8 Roman Sentries, 1 Decorative Armor, 2 Heralds, 1 Curio.
Rewards: 32 XP, 240 florins.

Donato Mancini is Cesare's finest horseman, perhaps better than Cesare himself. The Borgia have gathered for a private race today. The Circo Massimo. I am to bribe Donato to let Cesare win. Threaten him if he will not.

The headless horseman

The Heedless Horseman

  • Donato is a confident man. His horse is completely under his control as he approaches and bows. I signal my men to present him with a gift. Exceptional armor. He dismounts and orders his assistants to help him fit into it.
  • I relay Cesare's threat to Donato. He is not surprised. He tells me the winner will win the race. There are no other factors.
  • I sit beside Lucrezia Borgia. She refuses to look at me. Thinks me a plaything for Cesare. Perhaps I am. The race begins! Cesare rushes ahead of Donato. Is Cesare is [sic] the better rider?
  • Donato advances, but is blocked by one of Cesare's officers. I hear Lucrezia mutter to an acquaintance. The rider is Teodor Viscardi. One of Cesare's henchmen.
  • Teodor produces a blade. Thrusts it at Donato! Donato leans away, then kicks his horse to blaze past both Teodor and Cesare. The crowd gasps! Donato wins! Silence as he rides past us to claim his victory.
  • Cesare dismounts and throws his helmet! He gestures to me and I nod. My mercenaries tear Donato from his horse and toss him to the ground. The beating is savage! Humiliating! The crowd laughs. I do not. Donato truly was the champion today.


Requirements: 13 AP (per execution), 1 Shiv, 1 Trinket, 2 Bauble.
Rewards: 28 XP, 225 florins.
Chance Items: Thug, Cento Occhi Thief, Thief.

Cesare has sent me to meet with the Cento Occhi. Thieves. Many of them young. Lanz is their leader and Cesare believes he has led an attack on a Borgia carriage. He provides me with evidence. Tells me to make a deal with the gang.



  • I find Lanz outside a church, counting coins from a pouch he nicked. He does not look up, though he knows I am here. I throw a crude dagger into the dirt near his feet. Wide eyes. Apologies. He realizes I represent the Borgia.
  • He reclaims his ugly weapon. Sheaths it. Offers to return the stolen money. I tell him he will do that and more. His gang will serve Cesare.
  • Lanz tells me he has already spent the coin, but he will deliver a portion of it today. Good faith. He asks me to watch him work... if I can keep up.
  • I watch him bump into a merchant in the crowd. He is gone before the man turns. Next, a noble woman. A priest. He steals from five people before he is spotted. The man calls for guards!
  • A mounted guard charges into the square and Lanz pushes his victim beneath the horses' hooves. The rider falls. I lose sight of Lanz for a moment, then realize he is halfway up the side of the building beneath me.
  • Before Lanz leaves, I check my pockets. Everything seems to be in place. I believe Lanz will deliver payment. He fears Cesare.

Close Shave[]

Requirements: 18 AP (per execution), 1 Straight Razor, 2 Plain Cloak, 1 Box Of Components (per execution).
Rewards: 47 XP, 325 florins.
Chance Items: Replica Hidden Blade.

Cesare has employed a master spy. Baltasar de Silva. He hides behind the guise of a barber, though I am told he has no skill at it. Together, we will stalk Cesare's enemy - a league of assassins. There is much to learn.

Close Shave

Close Shave

  • Cesare has thrown one of his own senators to the lions. A high profile man with big ambition, notorious for corruption. The senator barely survived an attack this morning, yet Cesare has afforded him no guards. We follow him, waiting for the Assassins to strike again.
  • The senator remains indoors most of the week. Under Baltasar's lead, we are never spotted.
  • The senator finally heads for the market. His walk is brisk. Paranoid. Eyes everywhere. Suddenly, a shadow overhead. The assassin is above us!
  • The assassin leaps! As he lands upon the senator, a weapon protrudes from his wrist. Pierces his victim's neck! The cloaked killer mutters a few words and vanishes. We give chase! Gone.
  • Baltasar grins. Though I feel failure, he is pleased by what he has learned. He takes notes.
  • Though we lost sight of the assassin, we have learned much. The garb. The hidden blade. The technique. Baltasar will continue to stalk these cloaked killers and report back to me.


Centre Stage

Cesare has put together an army of misfits. Cretins. I begin to doubt that he actually has a plan for Roma. It seems he has opened a cage let wild animals loose upon the city. Why has he chosen me to tame them?

Center Stage[]

Requirements: 20 AP (per execution), 2 Rondel, 1 Mask, 1 Sealed Secret Orders (per execution).
Rewards: 58 XP, 390 florins.

I am dealing with fools! Two of them. Cahin and Caha. French. Brother and sister. Ridiculous costumes. Appropriate, I suppose, for this type of celebration. Our target has some claim to foreign royal blood, which they plan to spill.

Centre Stage

Centre Stage

  • The fools put on an animated performance. They flip. Dance. Pretend to punch each other. Both fall down. The guests cheer!
  • Caha begins to juggle. All eyes follow her. Cahin moves behind his victim, careful to keep attention on his sister.
  • I draw my blade, waiting for the right cue. I lean towards the guest next to me.
  • Cahin stabs a man through the back of his chair! A moment of confusion, then panic! Caha throws two of her juggled blades into the throats of two guests!
  • The final guest screams and flees! I chase her down, tackling her over a chair! She begs for her life. To let her live would cost me mine. I finish her quickly.
  • Cahin laughs his way through the door. Caha tips over a candelabrum before tumbling out behind him. I remain convinced that they are totally mad... yet fun!

Gallows Humor[]

Requirements: 19 AP (per execution), 1 Executioner's Axe, 1 Letter Of Condemnation (per execution), 1 Rope (per execution).
Rewards: 54 XP, 360 florins.

They call him Il Carnefice. Everyone assumes that executioners love their work. It is easier to accept that way. Make them the villain. They wear masks to avoid this stigma when the mask comes off. Not Il Carnifice. He loves the work as well as the mask. He senses my distaste. Enjoys it.

Gallows Humor

Gallows Humor

  • Il Carnefice has been busy. His executions so commonplace that his crowd is dwindling. A few beggars and a handful of guards wait as he prepares the next rope.
  • I hand him Cesare's condemnations. He flips through them briefly and replies with a serious look. Says my name is on the list! Flashes his axe! I am stunned. He smiles and then tosses the list to the side. Tells me he cannot read.
  • The dead man hanging is an old client of mine. A friend. Did Cesare intend me to witness this?
  • A bound man is escorted onto the platform. Head covered. He pleads with Il Carnefice. Proclaims his innocence. Il Carnefice comforts him. Says it is good because the innocent get to go to Heaven.
  • He puts on a show! Cheering with his audience. Showing off the body parts he hacks from the bodies of the condemned. I vomit and he mocks me for the crowd.
  • My time with the executioner is done for now. I take it for what it is. A warning from Cesare. I am more disgusted than intimidated by Cesare's beast.


Requirements: 17 AP (per execution), 1 Deadly Prosthetic, 1 Letter Of Indulgence (per execution), 1 Rare Gift (per execution).
Rewards: 46 XP, 330 florins.
Chance Items: Sealed Secret Orders, Follower Of Romulus.

Silvestro Sabbatini. Claims to be noble. Dresses the part, but poorly. He is a panderer, buying his way into social circles. Speaking with a black tongue. Cesare lopped off his left arm for failure. I am to deliver his second chance.



  • Sabbatini is the spider. In this small gathering, every person is potential prey. He senses every subtle social vibration. Always on watch. Listening. I am the new insect, stepping onto his web. I receive his full attention. I feel his mandibles twitch.
  • He approaches, eyes wide and grin exaggerated. I hand him the monstrous mechanical arm.
  • Sabbatini directs me to a back room. He actually believes none of these people have noticed his disfigurement. The replacement arm will only bring more attention to him. Still, I follow.
  • He is disappointed in the device, despite the masterful craftsmanship. He wanted more jewels. Rare metals. I offer to return it to Cesare for him and he snatches it from my arms!
  • The arm is awkward. Clumsy. He tests the sharpened claws and engages a hidden surprise. A blade pops from the center! A sinister weapon, but is it practical? Not my concern.
  • I leave Sabbatini to his games. He immediately pulls up a chair next to an attractive young woman and reveals his new arm. She flinches and leans away from him, but he strokes her cheek with those menacing claws. I shudder!

The Bad Doctor[]

A taste for violence

Cesare wants me to meet his murderous doctor, Malfatto, though I do not believe he really is a doctor. He is a predator of women. A monster. Cesare is testing my loyalty, but he may soon find he has destroyed what I had left.

A Taste For Violence[]

Requirements: 19 AP (per execution), 1 Hooded Dress, 1 Courtesan (per execution).
Rewards: 55 XP, 400 florins.

No sign of Malfatto. I am alone in the empty streets of Roma's poorest district. I have done my best to conceal myself, but I still feel vulnerable. Scared.

A taste for violence

A Taste For Violence

  • I whisper Malfatto's name. It sounds ridiculous. Why have I agreed to this?
  • A scream! A cry for help! She is nearby, but it is easy to get lost in these haphazard alleyways.
  • She pleads with someone! Begs for her life! I run hard but cannot find her!
  • She is sobbing now! I scold myself for coming unprepared! I should have studied the district, memorized its streets!
  • A flash of black movement and then it disappears into the shadows. Malfatto?
  • A poorly lit alcove. Violence hangs heavy in the air, though everything is still. I spot her! She looks like a broken doll at first, discarded in the alley. Then I see the blood. So much blood! I flee!

Rat Trap[]

Requirements: 20 AP (per execution), 1 Elegant Gown, 1 Perfume (per execution), 1 Letter of Absolution (per execution).
Rewards: 59 XP, 450 florins.

Cesare will not accept my refusal to find Malfatto. He will have me killed if I fail. After what I have seen his monster do, I cannot imagine those alleyways without shaking. Worse yet, he has asked me to wear one of my old courtesan outfits. Better to draw the monster's attention.

Rat Trap

Rat Trap

  • A few crowds on the street tonight. I want to stay near people, but I know Malfatto will avoid them. I must travel alone.
  • A hand on my shoulder! I scream and spin around. It is only a drunken fool! He nearly slobbers on my dress. I push him to the ground!
  • I hear the echo of my own footsteps. My nervous breathing. I flinch at any other sounds. Rustling in the dark. Whispers.
  • In the corner! I see something! A glint of light on a lens. It moves. The bone-white beak! It is him!
  • Malfatto lunges for me! I sidestep him. I yell Cesare's name at him! Demand that he listens! He grabs me and then notices the document in my hand. Hesitates. Takes it.
  • Malfatto does not read the document. He simply stares at me through his sinister mask. Cocks his head. I back away. He does not move.


Requirements: 28 AP (per execution), 1 Iron Fan.
Rewards: 99 XP, 700 florins.
Chance Items: Poison Vial, Syringe.

I am done with Cesare. Done with the mad people who surround him. I will leave Roma within the week. I return to the home Cesare has provided. Luxurious. Excessive. I drink to calm myself, but sleep does not come easy.



  • I feel a prick at my neck! Believing it to be an insect, I swat it away, but my hand connects with something solid! A syringe! Malfatto is in my room! What has he — can't think! Poisoned?
  • I stumble over the opposite side of the bed and onto my feet! My legs tremble beneath me! I scramble to a nearby table, grabbing for my fan!
  • Malfatto faces me. Still. Syringe dropped to the floor. He is waiting me out! Waiting for the poison to overcome me!
  • I unfold my fan, exposing a blossom of blades. I cannot see his face, but Malfatto's posture betrays fear! Have his victims ever fought back?
  • I charge Malfatto, slashing violently! He backs into a wall and I shred his doctor's garb. I have drawn blood! Is it enough? I lose my vision!
  • My mind plummets! My ears ring! I collapse. Malfatto... what will you do?


Requirements: 34 AP (per execution), 1 Papal Guard, 1 Courier Pigeon (per execution), 1 Sealed Secret Orders (per execution).
Reward: 118 XP, 780 florins.

I live! My balance is off. My eyes struggle to stay clear. Malfatto is gone, but he has spilled his insides across my floor. They trail to my window. I cut him badly! Cesare will not protect me. I must appeal to his enemies. Offer a deal.



  • I know the Assassins have been watching me. They may even be past clients or friends. We have watched them as well. My work with Baltasar showed me how they operate. How I can find them.
  • Their system for communication is crude. They use pigeon coops to trade messages. Assignments. The rooftops are forbidden, but we have seen one of Cesare's own guards leaving letters in the coops. Assassins picking them up.
  • I write a list. Names of Cesare's agents. Everyone I know. Even those who were kind to me. I will cripple him!
  • As expected, I find Cesare's traitorous guard placing letters in a pigeon coop. I confront him. At first he denies any knowledge, but when I produce a letter for the "men in white," he agrees to deliver it.
  • Inside my letter, an offer to help the Assassins in their fight against Cesare in any way I can. They may be the only ones who can protect me from his wrath. I spend the rest of the day in large crowds. Well lit areas. If they want to find me, they will.
  • Francesco Vecellio. The blossoming painter. I never would have suspected. He tells me the list has been given to someone reliable. That my worries will soon be over. He tells me my work is far from finished.

Reaping The Whirlwind[]

Fair Game

The Assassins have allowed me to follow them, but insist that I keep my distance as they deal with Cesare's agents from my list. I want to see them. I need to see that they finish the job.


Requirements: 25 AP (per execution), 1 Cinqueda, 5 Assassin's Bow, 15 Longswords, 5 Assassins, 15 Cento Occhi Thief, 40 Arrows (per execution).
Rewards: 80 XP, 600 florins.

I do not wish Rocco Tiepolo's death, but a large portion of Cesare's army owes him loyalty. We cannot hope to match the price, so he leaves us no other option.



  • The mercenaries training outside are dispatched in a heartbeat! The Assassins coordinate their arrows, fire nearly all at once, and every shot finds its mark!
  • More mercenaries burst from the training grounds, these in heavy armor. The Assassins move in close, their speed unmatched! They attack in pairs, taking advantage of the armored mercenaries' lowered mobility. The second wave is soon bested!
  • The Assassins wait before moving into the building. They call me to them with a hand sign.
  • They ask me to indicate the defenses inside the building. I point to the walls, explaining what is on the other side of each. Before I can finish, they are moving again!
  • The veteran mercenaries stand beside Rocco. We outnumber them, but they manage to kill two of ours before they are overcome!
  • Rocco waves a single short sword, challenging a dozen Assassins. He knows he has lost, yet he wears a broad smile. This is the end he has fantasized! The Assassins do not disappoint!

No Encore[]

Requirements: 22 AP (per execution), 2 Crossbows, 1 Iron Fan, 10 Assassins, 8 Rapiers, 3 Smoke Bombs (per execution), 10 Crossbow Bolts (per execution).
Rewards: 68 XP, 550 florins.

We catch the fools performing on the street. They are involved in a ridiculous dance, fueled by a musician plucking at a battered instrument. They are too deep in their performance to notice the crowd changing around them.

No Encore

No Encore

  • The Assassins begin to infiltrate the crowd, subtle at first, but soon filling it with white hoods.
  • Caha spins and throws a smoke bomb into the crowd! Some of the Assassins choke! Others shrug it off and give chase! I open my hand fan to disperse the cloud.
  • The crowd scatters and Cahin attempts to slip away. He fails! Assassins block his path! He produces a slender dagger. A poor counter to their rapiers. He is agile enough to keep up with them for a while, even cutting one man's face, but he soon collapses with four swords running through his gut!
  • Caha cries out to her brother! Turns to face us, her own daggers unsheathed! She dashes right for me!
  • The Assassins hold. They are enjoying this! I deflect Caha's attack with my bladed fan and slash her arm! She drops her weapon! She jabs and kicks and I mark her skin for each assault! Finally, she yields and crawls over to her brother's corpse.
  • Caha cradles her brother's body. Removes his mask and strokes his cheek. She doesn't acknowledge the Assassin approaching her from behind. Doesn't hear him load his crossbow or the snap as he fires a bolt into her head.


Requirements: 20 AP (per execution), 1 Bearded Axe, 1 Assassin, 5 Lock Picking Tools (per execution).
Rewards: 60 AP, 390 florins.

The Assassins plan to hit Baltasar's barber shop. A decoy. I direct them towards his real hideout, which is blocks away. He will not be easily ambushed.



  • The Assassins manage to avoid the first trap. They pull open the front door and roll away, causing a nasty blast that tears off a large piece of the frame! I have never seen anything like it!
  • Inside. Nothing. We search for trap doors. There! A pull-down ladder that leads up to an attic!
  • One Assassin heads up. We hear the whistle of his daggers! The thump when they connect! He cries out!
  • They pull the wounded man back down to our floor. His face is red, his eyes leaking. He tells us he reacted to a man in the corner, hidden in shadows. A trap - a fake man stuffed with some sort of burning powder! We can smell it. Sharp.
  • I glance out the window beside me. Baltasar! He is outside. He carries a torch! A look of shock as he recognizes my face. He lights the building!
  • We flee the building! We manage to reach the street before Baltasar's fire grows out of control. No sign of the spy. I doubt that he has fled Roma. He enjoys this game.

Moving Target[]

Requirements: 20 AP (per execution), 10 Assassins, 5 Arquebusiers, 20 Arrows (per execution).
Rewards: 62 XP, 510 florins.

Baltasar escaped. I cannot afford to let him live. We spied on the Assassins together and I know more than they believe. I am a liability. On the other side, Baltasar may have told Cesare about my betrayal, which means the Borgia will be looking for me. I must find him!

Moving target

Moving Target

  • I watch Baltasar's barber shop. He isn't likely to return, but there is a small chance he has left something behind. The night passes. If he returned, I never saw him.
  • Little remains of the ravaged hideout, but I search the debris for any clues that might lead me to Baltasar. I find a letter untouched by flame.
  • Instructions. Baltasar admires my move. Wants to meet. Discuss options. Work a better deal.
  • I arrive at the warehouse. Scout it. Only Baltasar sitting at a table inside. He bows and welcomes me. Begins to guess at my plan, my motivations. He is right on most counts. He has not told Cesare about my betrayal. My failure would reflect poorly on Cesare's master spy.
  • He apologizes. Several riflemen step out from behind large crates in the room! Level their guns. I bow my head.
  • I prepare for the incoming shots, but hear no gunfire! I open my eyes. Baltasar is dead, slumped over the table! His men have been killed as well, an arrow sticking out of each one. The Assassins!

Fair Game[]

Requirements: 34 AP (per execution), 1 Replica Hidden Blade, 1 Iron fan, 1 Black Leather Cloak, 1 Ink (per execution), 1 Poison Vial (per execution).
Rewards: 120 XP, 720 florins.

Baltasar and I created Il Lupo. He dresses as his enemy. Wields their intricate weapons. Uses their techniques. Effective, if not perfect, imitations. With Baltasar dead, Il Lupo remains the only one who can tie me to any harm done to the Assassins.

Fair Game

Fair Game

  • We have a signal for contact. A symbol left on the statue Pasquino. He will meet me by the docks at sunset.
  • I hear a cry! A splash behind me! Il Lupo has his switch blade extended. They fold clumsily compared to an Assassin, but the blood on his demonstrates their efficiency. He tells me I was being followed. No longer.
  • Il Lupo asks why I have summoned him. I point to a ship far out from the wharf. I explain that Cesare has a target for him aboard. Lies. He gazes out. Considers the mission. Asks how he will reach it unseen.
  • I open my fan blades quietly and then rake him across the back! He responds with a backhanded smack. I tumble, nose dripping! His fang-like blades are out again. He moves in for the kill!
  • He runs at me! I lunge towards him, kicking his legs. He falls to the ground, but recovers with a flawless, practiced roll! He unsheathes a rapier. I have no defense! Just a moment longer. Work. Work!
  • He kneels over, vomiting! His whole body quivers. He curses me. Questions me. I give him no response. Once the poison has finished his work, I roll his body into the water. Satisfied that we had no witnesses, I leave the docks.

Not While the Kid is Watching[]


I've never seen Papà so angry. He broke three plates and threw his glass. He says he bought several men and they were all killed by a Sassin. I ask him what a Sassin is but he will not tell me.


Requirements: 34 AP (per execution), 1 Embroided Silk Cloak, 1 Elegant Gown, 1 Poison Vial (per execution), 2 Round of Drinks (per Execution).
Rewards: 122 XP, 1100 florins.

Papà asked Fiora to eat dinner with him. Papà is angry with her. He says she is a liar. I told him she is nice, but he says she is still a liar.



  • Papà sends me out of the room, but I peek around the corner. He is not angry any more. He pulls out her chair. He fills her wine glass. They are both smiling.
  • They are talking about Papà's friends who got killed. She looks surprised.
  • Papà asks her about the Sassins. She says she has been watching them like he told her to.
  • Consus is standing next to me. He is watching. He does not speak much. Papà tells me he is not real, but I see him.
  • Fiora will not drink her wine! Papà asks why she does not trust him. She asks if he trusts her. He tells her no.
  • They begin to fight. Most people go quiet when Papà yells at them. Fiora gets louder. Consus tells me I should leave, so I do.

Helping Herself[]

Requirements: 37 AP (per execution), 1 Hooded Dress, 1 Black Leather Cloak, 5 Lock Picking Tools (per execution).
Rewards: 153 XP, 1300 florins.

I do not sleep much. Nonno says it is because my mind is too busy. He says that Papà, who is his son, had the same problem. Tonight, somebody else is awake. I hear their feet downstairs.

Helping Herself

Helping Herself

  • I see her in the entry. The window is open behind her. She does not see me.
  • Fiora walks through the hallways. What is she looking for? She walks into the study.
  • She opens Papà's drawers and chests. I do too when Papà is not here. There is nothing fun in any of them.
  • She feels the walls. She knocks on them, soft enough so nobody wakes up. I want to play too, but I do not want to get in trouble, so I wait.
  • She looks under the rug. I lean around the corner. I have never looked under the rug! Did she find anything? No.
  • I ask Consus if Fiora is here to kill Papà. He says no. She is here for the Apple.


Requirements: 40 AP (per execution), 1 Priceless Artifact.
Rewards: 163 XP, 1200 florins.

I leave Fiora and run to the Apple. Nanno [sic] keeps it in his Library. I remove the cover and the Apple glows! I hear Fiora walking in the hallway.



  • Fiora sees me. She asks me to give her the Apple. I ask her if she wants to play together.
  • Consus tells me to give her the Apple. I laugh and tell Fiora she will have to catch me first!
  • I run! The Apple fills the hallway with color! It sings. Fiora tells me to stop!
  • Papà is awake. I hear his door open. He calls my name. Fiora tries to take the Apple from me, but it flashes when she gets close. She stops moving. She looks scared! Is she playing?
  • I say her name. She does not answer. I push her arm and she pulls it away. She screams!
  • Papà sees Fiora frozen in place. He laughs. He takes the Apple from me and tells me to leave. I am scared. I ask if he will hurt her. He tells me he will.


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