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Roman Underground was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After his encounter at the Followers' Lair, Ezio Auditore left through a concealed entrance, and found Niccolò Machiavelli waiting for him outside.


Ezio met up with Niccolò after his encounter.

  • Machiavelli: The Followers of Romulus. This band of false-pagans has been terrorizing the city for months and driving the people into the arms of the Church.
  • Ezio: Quite convenient.
  • Machiavelli: Exactly! I believe the Borgia are supporting them, but proof remains scarce. That is why the letter is so important.
  • Ezio: Here it is. I hope you can break a cipher.
  • Machiavelli: Cazzo (Fuck), another encryption! This one was supposed to be legible. They are transmitting them using a code sheet. Without it, we have nothing.
  • Ezio: Sometimes logic is not the only way to win a war. Andiamo! (Come on!) You said we had allies in this city, bring me to them.
  • Machiavelli: Follow me.

Ezio followed Machiavelli, who led him to a tunnel entrance.

  • Machiavelli: We recently began travelling through the tunnels to avoid the guards, but many of the entrances in the city are broken. By using them, we can get to our destination rapidly without encountering resistance.

Ezio and Machiavelli entered the tunnel. Once they arrived at the Tiber Island Headquarters, they were both welcomed by Fabio Orsini.

Roman Underground 3

Ezio speaking with Machiavelli and Fabio

  • Fabio: Ben trovato (Hello), Niccolò! Ah! Ser (Sir) Ezio, a pleasure. Fabio Orsini, at your service. I've heard a great deal about you from my cousin — Bartolomeo d'Alviano.
  • Ezio: A fine warrior.
  • Machiavelli: Fabio has lent us an unused storeroom on Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island).
  • Fabio: I know you were used to better accommodations in Toscana
  • Ezio: It is perfect.
  • Fabio: Bene (good). Then, I am off to begin preparations for Romagna. Today, Cesare commands my men, but soon, I hope, we will be free.

Fabio left the room.

  • Machiavelli: Now, I propose we begin planning our assault on the Borgia.
  • Ezio: Oh, you think we are ready for such an attack?
  • Machiavelli: Sì. (Yes.)
  • Ezio: Do you know, for instance, where the Borgia troops took Caterina Sforza?
  • Machiavelli: What?
  • Ezio: Are you also unaware that the Borgia have captured the Apple of Eden?
  • Machiavelli: How could we have lost the Apple?
  • Ezio: So, you do not know what goes on with our enemies. Do we at least have an underground here to work with?
Roman Underground 4

Ezio departing in search of allies

  • Machiavelli: Hardly. Our mercenaries are ensnared in a losing battle with Cesare's French allies. We have girls working for us in a brothel frequented by cardinals and other important Romans, but the Madame there is lazy and would rather attend parties than further our cause.
  • Ezio: What about the city's thieves? Do they have a guild?
  • Machiavelli: (Yes), but they refuse to talk to us. I don't know why.

Ezio walked towards the door.

  • Machiavelli: What are you going to do?
  • Ezio: Make some friends.


Ezio departed to rebuild the connections between the Assassins' allies in Rome.



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