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Roman Akropolis

The Roman Akropolis was a Roman citadel situated on a hill above the city of Cyrene, during the 1st century BCE. Within the acropolis was located the Temple of Mars.


In 47 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa travelled to the citadel to confront Flavius Metellus, leader of the Order of the Ancients. Despite Flavius' possession of an Apple of Eden, Bayek was able to defeat the Roman and avenge the death of his son, Khemu.[1]

Around this time, Bayek also assassinated the Roman centurion Cassius Albus, who had previously desecrated the Tomb of Battos beneath the citadel, and stolen a medallion and the bow that had belonged to Battus I of Cyrene. After assassinating the centurion, Bayek retrieved the medallion and the bow from a storehouse in the citadel.[2]




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