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Romagna Holiday was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Knowing that Leonardo da Vinci had left for Venice, which was Ezio Auditore's next destination as well, he set out to find him, so that they could travel together.


RH 1 v

Ezio meeting Leonardo in the mountains

Ezio came across Leonardo, trying to repair his broken carriage.

  • Ezio: Leonardo!
  • Leonardo: Ezio? What luck! I... er, have run into a bit of trouble.
  • Ezio: Let me see if I can help.
  • Leonardo: I know how to fix it, but lack the means to do so.
    If you could just lift the wagon?

Ezio lifted the wagon, glancing up to its roof, where a glider-like invention was strapped.

  • Ezio: What is this thing?
  • Leonardo: Eh?
  • Ezio: It looks like a giant bat.
  • Leonardo: Oh, nothing, just an idea I've been working on.

Ezio lowered the carriage.

  • Leonardo: I could not leave it behind.

Leonardo completed his repairs.

  • Ezio: What is it for?
  • Leonardo: Well, I shouldn't really talk about it... al diavolo (To hell with it), I can't hold it in any more! Ezio, I think I have figured out how to make a man fly!

Ezio laughed.

  • Ezio: Come on, I'll drive.

Ezio noticing the Borgia guards

Leonardo: But I haven't even told you where I'm going? Both climbed into the carriage and set off, to which Ezio listened to Leonardo as he described the beauty of Venice.

  • Leonardo: Venezia (Venice), such a beautiful city. So many sources of inspiration! Ponte de Rialto, Piazzo San Marco, L'Arsenale

Ezio shushed Leonardo.

  • Leonardo: What's wrong?
  • Ezio: We're not alone.

Ezio urged the horses into a gallop.

  • Leonardo: What's happening? Who are they?
  • Ezio: Rodrigo Borgia's men.
  • Leonardo: Why? What do they want with us?

An arrow struck the seat between them.

  • Ezio: I think they want us dead. Leonardo, hide!

Leonardo climbed inside of the carriage, while Ezio stayed outside to direct the horses. Following this, many of the guards who were following tried to climb aboard the carriage from their own horses.

  • Leonardo: They're trying to climb on board! Knock them off! Ezio, someone's on top! Do sharp turns to make the carriage roll!
    Ezio! Watch out behind you! Do something!
    Watch out, don't let the carriage roll over.

The carriage speeding over the burning bridge

  • Ezio: Hold on tight! This is going to be a little rough!

Ezio rode the carriage over a burning bridge. From there, the Borgia guards began to fire lit arrows towards the carriage, though Ezio drove around the fires ahead in an attempt to avoid them.

  • Leonardo: Hold on, Ezio! We're almost there!
    Be more careful, or we won't be able to fix it next time!

As the guards fell back, Leonardo came out of hiding and sat next to Ezio.

  • Ezio: Go, Leonardo! They're here for me, not you! I'll catch up with you later!

While Leonardo took the reins, Ezio jumped from the vehicle to face the guards alone. After dispatching them, Ezio set out to meet Leonardo in Forlì.


The Borgia attack against Leonardo's carriage failed, and Ezio continued on his journey to Romagna.



  • The memory's name can be considered to be a reference to the 1953 movie Roman Holiday.
  • Despite serving the Borgia, the Brute that appears at the end of the memory has the colors of Venice.


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