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Rodrigo de Mendoza was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Spanish Inquisition.


Born during the Renaissance, Rodrigo de Mendoza was merchant-turned-mercenary captain. Stealing from foreign ships and unloading their cargo under the guise of good business, Rodrigo and his crew became rich and notorious.[1]

Unfortunately, Rodrigo's decadence and wealth caught the attention of the Inquisition, who demanded massive tithings from him. Unwilling to share his riches, Torquemada branded Rodrigo and his crew heretics and shut down his operation.[1]

After sacrificing his entire secret fortune as penance to the Inquisition to avoid a harsher sentence, Rodrigo and his crew joined forces with the Brotherhood, hoping to get their revenge.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Rodrigo de Mendoza was a hedonistic captain for hire who said and did whatever his heart desired. His love of freedom transformed his legitimate merchant business into a clandestine pirate operation.[1]

Equipment and skills

Rodrigo de Mendoza was skilled fencer able to deal high amounts of damage to multiple enemies. He was an expert of stealth and lockpick. He was also a treasure seeker with vast knowledge of treasure hunting.[1]

Behind the scenes