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Rodrigo Lima is a Brazilian Abstergo White Hat, an ethical hacker searching for network vulnerabilities to improve security, in London. He is Anaya Chodary's supervisor.


At some point before 2016, Rodrigo met with Alan Rikkin in his office. Following a lengthy discussion Rodrigo had to make several layoffs.[1]

In October 2016, Rodrigo congratulated Anya on her new position as Director of Information Security at Abstergo Entertainment. He then told two of his subordinates, Andrew Davies and Max Dittmar, to be nice to her replacement Benjamin Clarke. As a congratulatory dinner, Rodrigo took his team to Bella Cibo, a high-end restaurant. He then noticed Rikkin entering the restaurant with Victoria Bibeau, although did not pay it much mind.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Described by Chodary as the "best kind" of a boss, he inspires and push his co-workers hard as he worked alongside them. Despite her own ambition and talents, she believed that Rodrigo deserved his position and tried her best to keep it that way. [citation needed]



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