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The Rocca di Ravaldino, also known as the Castle of Ravaldino, is a castle located inside Forlì.



Built with a square plan and imposing corner towers, the Rocca di Ravaldino was constructed in 1471 by the architect Giorgio Marchesi Fiorentino, at the request of Pino III Ordelaffi, the lord of Forlì. Later on, it was enlarged into a citadel by Girolamo Riario, the new lord after Pino's son Sinibaldo.[1] Girolamo discovered an old and sealed tomb under the fortress; he hid his precious artifacts and Templar collected secrets.[2]


The entrance to the tomb of Qulan Gal could be found here, on a low wall beside the moat. The castle also served as Caterina Sforza's stronghold during the battle of Forlì. Ezio Auditore placed the Apple of Eden into her care while he went to rescue her children, though Checco Orsi breached the castle and stole the Apple during Ezio's absence.[3]


Behind the scenes[]

According to the game file of Assassin's Creed: Identity, before the DLC Forlì – A Crimson Sunset released, Ezio returned to discover Girolamo Riario's treasures in 1499. He eventually found a mysterious sword and a small cube with a red substance inside.[4]