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A painting of Robert Maynard fighting Edward Thatch

Robert Maynard (c. 1684 – 4 January 1751) was a British lieutenant and later captain in the Royal Navy and the First Lieutenant of HMS Pearl.


In November 1718, Maynard was hired by the Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, to eliminate Edward Thatch, a notorious pirate also known as Blackbeard.[1] Taking command of a small armada comprised of several frigates and Men O' War, Maynard set off to find Thatch's hideout.[2]

Learning that Thatch was anchored at Ocracoke Island, Maynard found the pirates' camp but held off the attack. Instead, he and a garrison of British soldiers, along with a spy called Jenkins, went ashore. Jenkins infiltrated the bustling beach where the celebration was being held, following which he reported back to Maynard, whom he had arranged to meet with further inland.[2]

As they walked through the ruins of an estate, Maynard listened to Jenkins' account, both oblivious to the fact that they were being eavesdropped upon by Edward Kenway. After reaching a cliff where Maynard's men had set up a flare cannon, Jenkins shot the flare as a signal, officially commencing the attack of Maynard's armada on the pirate camp. Thatch and Kenway faced their aggressors aboard the latter's brig, the Jackdaw, before boarding one of Maynard's Men O' War. In the end, Thatch was overrun and killed, while Kenway was pushed overboard and managed to escape.[2]


  • Maynard shares the same character model of a British Captain.
  • Although it is possible to kill Maynard, doing so results in desynchronization.
  • Historically, Maynard used two sloops to hunt down Edward Thatch, rather than an armada of frigates and Men O' War, which would not have been able to sail near Thatch's hideout at Ocracoke due to the narrow, low-tide inlets surrounding the island. He also personally fought and killed Thatch. Also, he is said to have outwitted Thatch. He and his crew hid below decks and when Thatch and his crew were in the ship, Maynard led a surprise attack to Thatch and his crew, who were unprepared, resulting in their deaths and capture.
  • In the novelization, Maynard is present during the battle and attempts to attack Thatch only for Thatch to slice open his hand.



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