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Robert Getas at the café

Robert Getas was an American entrepreneur, who thought himself to be a world-changer. He was either an employee or an associate of Abstergo Industries, with ties to their Lineage Discovery and Acquisition department.


Around 1998, Robert took an interest in the British National Space Centre's expeditions, and thus contacted one of its scientists, Vanessa. After the promise of a great deal of money, the two began working together for over five years, though they only communicated indirectly, and never met.

In 2003, after the supposed failure of the Mars Express mission, Robert and Vanessa met at a café. There, Vanessa handed over the data and control codes from the Beagle 2, which she had intercepted.

Robert eagerly asked what the spacecraft was truly up to, and Vanessa informed him that it would be taking soil samples and sending out probes. After assuring Vanessa that the payment had been deposited in the agreed-upon account, and that he would handle any suspicions about the large amount, the two left the café.

Robert watching as Vanessa is subdued

Outside, Vanessa laughingly mentioned that she was a descendant of Charles Darwin, which immediately caught Robert's attention. Knowing her genetic memories would be highly useful in Abstergo's Project Legacy, he suggested another deal for her to fly out with him, and work at his office.

Vanessa was alarmed at his sudden interest, as well as the further need to work, since the money she had been promised was enough for retirement. However, Robert merely nodded to his associate - a large man who had been standing behind Vanessa - who held a cloth to her face, causing her to fall unconscious.

Personality and characteristics

"[Robert]'s not old, but he's not young either. He's not attractive, but he's not ugly. Middle height. Average weight. No marks or moles. He's tricky to spot in a crowd, but I try."

In terms of appearance, Robert was a very ordinary man, and seemed to blend naturally into a crowd. He was polite and amiable, and insisted for Vanessa to call him "Rob", even upon their first face-to-face meeting.

However, he was also very cautious and deceptive, and despite his years working with Vanessa, Robert never revealed his true allegiance or intentions. Though he attempted to bring Vanessa in willingly, promising her a tour of his facilities, he did not hesitate to abduct her when she refused.