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Roadside Assistance was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After their escape from Florence, Ezio began his travels with his mother and sister towards Monteriggioni.


  • Ezio: We should be close
  • Claudia: Grazie a Dio (Thank God).

Ezio and his family continued to Monteriggioni. Along the way, they were stopped by Vieri de' Pazzi, who was accompanied by several guards.

  • Vieri: Buongiorno (Good day), Ezio! How could you leave Firenze without saying a proper goodbye?
  • Claudia: Ezio!
  • Ezio: What do you want, Vieri?
  • Vieri: So many things. A larger palazzo, two new steeds, a prettier bride... oh and yes... your life.

Vieri's guards attacked Ezio and his family.

RA 1 v

Vieri de' Pazzi and his men blocking Ezio's path

  • Vieri: My condolences for the loss of your father and brothers.
    What will happen now that there's no one left to help you?
    I have such wonderful things in store for your mother and sister.

Ezio killed off the guards with his Hidden Blade.

  • Vieri: I grow tired of this game. Finish him! And do not spare the women!

More guards advanced on Ezio's family. However, they were killed from behind by throwing knives.

  • Vieri: What sorcery is this?!

An unknown voice called out from beyond Vieri's sight.

  • Mario: Not sorcery, boy. Skill!
  • Vieri: Show yourself!
  • Mario: As you wish.

The mysterious man appeared and tossed Ezio a sword.

  • Mario: Here. Use this!
  • Vieri: Kill them! Kill them all!

Vieri fled while Ezio and the man dealt with the guards.

RA 8 v

Mario talking to Ezio

  • Ezio: You have my thanks.
  • Mario: Keep the sword, Ezio.
  • Ezio: Do I know you from somewhere?
  • Mario: Don't you recognize me? It's-a-me, Mario!
  • Ezio: Uncle Mario?
  • Mario: It's been too long, nipote! (nephew) Far too long!
    I heard what happened in Firenze. Terrible.
    Come, let's get you all away from here.

Ezio and his family proceeded towards Monteriggioni with Mario.


Ezio Auditore met with his uncle Mario and was gifted a sword. Following this, he and his family set off towards Monteriggioni, a town that his uncle led, in order to obtain sanctuary from Ezio's notoriety in Florence.


  • Mario's introduction of himself ("It's-a-me, Mario!") was included in Assassin's Creed II as a nod to the Super Mario Bros. game series.
  • When Vieri's guards die around him, he exclaims, "What sorcery is this?", which was previously heard from Altaïr when he found out Robert's double. In both cases, they were shocked.



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