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Road to Riches was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Our band makes it way to Amphipolis to join the crew of the Adrestia. The forest and hills of Makedonia are rugged and beautiful, and the riches that await us in service to the mighty Eagle Bearer have us in high spirits.

We should make Amphipolis soon. Let us hope the Adrestia has room for a few more strong arms on her crew. Either way, this journey will be an adventure.


The mercenaries met on a road in the forest.

  • Mercenary 1: Are you sure this is the road to Amphipolis?
  • Mercenary 2: Of course! I've been there twice! Wait until you see the LIONS!
  • Mercenary 3: Good! We need to reach the city and join the Eagle Bearer's crew before they sail off without us!

The mercenaries walked through the woods until they were stopped by a Persian Immortal and a Spartan phalangite blocking the road.

  • Persian Immortal: I do not know you... Where is the Tainted One?
  • Mercenary 2: What? Stand aside. We mean to pass.
  • Persian Immortal: Where is the Tainted, fool? I will not ask again!
  • Mercenary 2: Tainted? We're just a bunch of misthios, friend. I do not know who or what you seek.
  • Persian Immortal: Take them! We cannot let them leave!
  • Mercenary 2: Maláka!

The Immortal and phalangite engaged the mercenaries in combat but were fatally wounded. The mercenaries continued on the road, evading or eliminating any Spartans they encountered until they reached a clearing.

  • Mercenary 2: Those malakas were serious.
  • Mercenary 1: That was a damned Persian Immortal leading those soldiers.
  • Mercenary 2: An Immortal? If Sparta has allied with Persia...
  • Mercenary 3: Then this conflict has just been a scuffle in the agoge until now.
  • Mercenary 1: And, if we can get proof of their allegiance and take it to Amphipolis...
  • Mercenary 3: We can line our purses with silver and back up our names with some reputation for the Eagle Bearer.
  • Mercenary 2: What are we waiting for? There are Spartans camped near here. Let's see what we can see!

The mercenaries ran down the road in the direction of Ischagoras Military Camp.


The mercenaries learned that a group of allied Persians and Spartans were searching for an individual referred to as a "Tainted One". Fearing the alliance indicated a shift in the Peloponnesian War's geopolitics and dreading its potential ramifications, the mercenaries decided to investigate and bring their findings to Amphipolis, hoping that their actions would reward them with coin and enough reputation to allow them to join the Eagle Bearer's crew.


  • The second mercenary incorrectly uses the singular misthios and malákas when referring to groups of people instead of the plural misthoi and malákes.


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