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Road Trip was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


With all the Pazzi conspirators dead, Ezio Auditore returned to Florence in order to inform Lorenzo de' Medici of his success.


Road Trip 1

Ezio informing Lorenzo of his success

  • Ezio: The Pazzi are dead. Every one of them.
  • Lorenzo: I must admit, I've never before believed I could desire the death of others so badly.
  • Ezio: Nor I...
  • Lorenzo: Ezio, thank you for the role you've played in keeping this dream of mine alive a little longer.
  • Ezio: L'onore è mio (It is my honor).
  • Lorenzo: What will you do now figliolo (my boy)?
  • Ezio: There are still others I must hunt, Signore. They're already digging their claws into the heart of Venezia.
  • Lorenzo: No! La bella Venezia... (Beautiful Venice...) Then that is where your journey must take you, Ezio. Before you leave us... I have something for you. A gift.

Lorenzo waved over a servant, who carried the Medici cape.

  • Lorenzo: This cape identifies you as a friend of the Medici. As long as you wear it, the city guards will be more tolerant of your actions. But be warned, it will not grant you immunity from the law.

Ezio nodded and then took the cape.

  • Lorenzo: Che la fortuna favorisca la tua lama (May fortune favor your blade).

Ezio left the Palazzo Medici, and soon arrived at Leonardo da Vinci's workshop.

  • Ezio: Leonardo!? Leonardo!
  • Civilian: Mi dispiace, Messere (I am sorry, sir), but he is gone. Maestro Leonardo was commissioned by a Venetian noble to paint some portraits. He paid for the Maestro to move his entire workshop to Venezia. It's quite an opportunity!
  • Ezio: Grazie mile (Thanks a lot), friend.


Ezio was awarded with the Medici cape for eliminating the Pazzi conspirators, and learned that Leonardo left for Venice.



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