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River Rescue was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Achilles Davenport and Connor were alarmed by Godfrey, who told them that his friend Terry was drowning in the river. Connor then set out to save him.


  • Godfrey: Hey! Heeeeelp!
    Help! Help!
    You, Sir, please! Help! He's going to die!
  • Connor: Who?
  • Godfrey: There's no time! Please, come!

Together, they ran towards the river.

  • Godfrey: Down there! He's just passed under the bridge!
  • Terry: Someone! Help!
    Help me! Please!
ACIII-RiverRescue 6

Godfrey thanking Connor for saving Terry

Connor made his way to Terry, who was holding on to a log, eventually managing to drag him back onto the shore.

  • Godfrey: What this knob-end is trying to say is he's forever in your debt, sir.
  • Terry: Who you callin' a knob-end?
  • Godfrey: You. Because you are one.
  • Connor: What were you doing on those logs?
  • Godfrey: One of the dangers of lumberin'. We've got the capt set up a few rods off of here, as we're cuttin' timber. We're hoping to open a mill in the area.
  • Connor: There is a good place not far from the manor on the hill where I am staying.
  • Godfrey: Ha! I like you already. We'll have a look.


Connor managed to save Terry, after which he and Godfrey were inclined to start their lumber-business on the Homestead.



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