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Rival Lovers was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Returning to Korinth, Kassandra approached a citizen smitten with the hetaera Anthousa.


  • Kassandra: Chaire, statesman. I don't suppose you could use a mercenary's help today?
  • Man: You! You're the mercenary my lovely Anthousa spoke of. I've heard you have some sway with her.
  • Kassandra: "Your" Anthousa? I didn't know she was tied down.
  • Man: She and I have a unique connection. If she would only see it. There is someone else who's caught her eye.
  • Kassandra: Only one person?
  • Man: A penniless writer who whispers empty words in Anthousa's ear. I've heard she doesn't even bestow gifts upon my love. She's clearly using her.
  • Kassandra: So where do I come into this?
  • Man: Maybe if someone with Anthousa's approval found a reason to dispose of this writer, Anthousa would see clearly.
  • Kassandra: You want me to give her a taste of my blade.
  • Man: Her death is the only solution.

(Accept - I'll handle it.)

  • Kassandra: All right. I'm in.
  • Man: Thank you. Please be discreet.
  • Kassandra: Leave it to me.

Kassandra sought out the poet and dealt with her before returning to the politician.

  • Man: You. Have you killed her?
  • Kassandra: She's no longer your concern.
  • Man: You do fine work, mercenary. Take this as thanks.
  • Kassandra: I always finish what I've started.


  • The existence of Rival Lovers is dependent on the choice made in Monger Down.
  • If The monger was slain at the cave, Rival Lovers is also available.


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