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Rise of the Assassin was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


While Élise secured transport to Paris, Arno set out to rid Versailles of Aloys la Touche's terror over the town.


As la Touche hosted executions at the town square, Arno surveyed the area and saw food fall to the ground inside a covered stand. He then saw his old acquaintances Victor and Hugo inside a cell, waiting to be executed.

Rise of the Assassin 3

Hugo and Victor about to be executed

  • Victor: Look what you've gotten us into now.

He then saw a guard holding the keys to the cell.

  • Guard 1: Shut up in there!

Arno saw la Touche speaking to the crowd.

  • La Touche: So, this is what France has come to. Parasites bleeding the Revolution dry.

Arno made his way to the stand.

  • La Touche: Your revolutionary brothers and sisters need to eat! And yet here you are, hoarding and hiding like rats! And why? Because you are greedy! You are ungrateful for the freedoms you have been given! Hoarding food is no different than stealing it from the mouths of babes. Justice must be done. Justice prompt, severe, and inflexible. Bring up the condemned!
    What's this? You've been pardoned! Strap 'em in.
    Filthy parasite!
    Anything to say in your defense? No? Good. Keep it moving!

Arno found the stand and uncovered it. A crowd soon gathered around it and kept several of the guards occupied. Arno then found the cell in which Victor and Hugo were kept.

  • Prisoners: Psst! You! Let us out of here!
    We're all dead if you don't let us out!
    Let us go!
    Just let us out, we won't tell anyone!
    Free us!
    For God's sake, I only stole a loaf of bread!
  • Victor: Hugo, look. It's the watch thief.
  • Hugo: Well, well, well.
  • Victor: Come to gloat?
  • Arno: Come to help. The door...?
  • Victor: One of the guards has the key. I'm not sure which.
  • Arno: Not a problem.

Arno took the key from one of the guards. He then unlocked the cell and entered it.

  • Victor: What's this, then?
  • Arno: I believe it's called a "rescue".
  • Victor: Why?
  • Arno: Because, being a thick-headed man mountain, while doing little enough for your long-term prospects, is not actually a capital offense.
  • Victor: ... Huh?
  • Arno: Just stay back and let me go first.
  • La Touche: Next!

The door was opened.

  • Guard 2: Let's go.

Arno left the cell and was escorted towards the guillotine.

  • Guard 3: Don't I know you, boy?
  • Arno: I doubt it.
  • Guard 3: No, no - I do! You're the town drunk!
  • Arno: I - oh God, I suppose I am, aren't I?
  • La Touche: Strap him in. Wait a moment. Is that...?
    Stop him! Stop him!
    Protect me!
    Get him!
Rise of the Assassin 8

A younger la Touche

Arno assassinated la Touche. Through his memories, he saw a younger la Touche speaking to his superior.

  • La Touche: Fired? But... but why?
  • Taxman: Because, (Mister) la Touche, your last report contained numerous... errors.
  • La Touche: Sir, I.. I triple-checked those figures! They're not in error, ten thousand livres simply vanished from His Majesty's treasury!
  • Taxman: I'm sorry, la Touche. Good day.

The vision changed to a destitute la Touche meeting the Roi des Thunes.

  • Roi des Thunes: (Mister) la Touche. They tell me you were a taxman.
  • La Touche: Y-Yes, sir.
  • Roi des Thunes: Good. I have need of someone like you.

The vision then changed to la Touche sitting with his fellow members of the Cour des Miracles.

  • La Touche: It's parasitism, plain and simple.
  • Guard: Wassat mean?
  • La Touche: It means greedy bastards skimming for themselves instead of doing their jobs. If you knew half the shit our boss' rats hear...
  • Sivert: Tell me about this "boss" of yours.

Charles Gabriel Sivert appeared. The vision then changed to the Templar meeting at the Hôtel de Beauvais.

Rise of the Assassin 13

La Touche meeting Robespierre

Germain and la Touche walked away.

  • La Touche: What would you have me do, Grand Master?
  • Germain: I'm placing your services at the disposal of our agent on the Convention.
  • La Touche: Le Peletier?
  • Germain: No, Le Peletier has his uses, but he is not our only friend in government. Monsieur la Touche, I present to you Monsieur Maximilien de Robespierre.
  • Robespierre: Monsieur. I understand Versailles is overrun with parasites.

La Touche nodded, and the vision ended. Arno then escaped the area.


Arno assassinated la Touche. Through his memories, he learned that Maximilien de Robespierre, leader of the Reign of Terror, was Germain's final conspirator.



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