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Rise of Shaqilat was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A recruit in charge of the Hidden Ones bureau informs Bayek of the disappearance of Osorkon, a Hidden One.


Bayek spoke to Paanchi in the bureau.

  • Paanchi: Osorkon has been missing for two weeks. He is the shadow tasked with surveying the Quarry.
  • Bayek: Yet the shadow became lost.
  • Paanchi: It may be too late for Osorkon, he went to a merchant ship at the docks several days ago and that place is crawling with Romans. Would be a shame to lose him, his passion for the people and the Hidden Ones knew no bounds. I would die for him.
  • Bayek: I will find this Osorkon.

Bayek travelled to the docks, where he discovered several ships. He boarded one of them.

  • Bayek: These cages are small... were they for children? This boat has been ransacked.

Bayek discovered a broken shield, bearing the Hidden Ones insignia.

  • Bayek: A broken shield of the Hidden Ones. Osorkon was here.

Bayek boarded another boat.

  • Bayek: Osorkon? Where are you?

He discovered a broken cage.

  • Bayek: Poor child.

He discovered another cage.

  • Bayek: These cages for children are atrocious.

Bayek boarded another boat, where he discovered several bodies of soldiers and a merchant.

  • Bayek: A merchant killed, and dead Romans? Soemone who disposed of these Romans did so with great skill. It must have been a Hiden One.

He discovered an open chest.

  • Bayek: The mnerchant was robbed. Curious.

He discovered a papyrus on the table.

  • Nabateans Sold to the Klysma Quarry:
    Slave ledger for Sinai Order:
    Yuya family: 6 boys (for the Priests at the Temple of Thoth)
    Sitamun family: 2 girls (servants for Tacito)
    Orphans: 12 boys (Quarry workers)
    to be delivered to the Klysma Quarry Underground Outpost
  • Bayek: Dear gods! Nabatean children sold into the quarry as slaves. These innocent souls are kept in an underground holding pen in the Quarry. I should go there.

Bayek travelled to the underground outpost, which was guarded by a soldier.

  • Bayek: Osorkon must be held here.

Bayek eliminated the guard and infiltrated the outpost. There, he discovered Osorkon being interrogated by soldiers.

  • Osorkon: My lips are sealed.
  • Roman Soldier: We will rip your lips off. Your eyes... your everything.
  • Osorkon: Unlike you myrmidons, the oath I take means something. Send me to the Duat! I will have Osiris rip me limb from limb before I tell you an iota of anything. Nothing works within me except the fire to destroy those who take food from workers, those neket iadets like you.
  • Roman Soldier: Enough! he obviously has important information, torture him for as long as it takes. Keep him alive.
  • Osorkon: My wife Zagura will avenge my death, she is a great warrior too.

Bayek eliminated the guards.

  • Osorkon: The mentor has come to save me!

He investigated the outpost. He looked at a opened chest.

  • Bayek: Someone has robbed this Roman warehouse. A brave thief.

He discovered chains on the floor.

  • Bayek: Chains used on these poor children. Gods!

Bayek freed Osorkon.

  • Osorkon: Let's get out of here.

He escorted the Hidden One out of the outpost.

  • Osorkon: You must be the great Bayek. Understand this: I investigated the docks, and found a woman liberating the children on a slaver's barge.
  • Bayek: A liberator is behind the pillaging?
  • Osorkon: A Nabatean warrior known as Shaqilat. She hands out the spoils to the people - and strikes with incredible swiftness. I was following her but was captured by Romans. She has found safety with the children in a courtyard between the bureau and the quarry.

Bayek travelled to the courtyard to look for Shaqilat.

  • Shaqilat: Let your hearts be still children. I am your protector. The Sinai is your home.
  • Child 1: You are so brave Shaqilat.
  • Child 2: O great warrior, you are Iset!
  • Shaqilat: By Amun-Ra I will not let these centurions take you to be sold off like bags of grain.
  • Child 3: Please do not let them take us again!
  • Child 4: I cannot wait to eat a good meal.
  • Shaqilat: Soon my darlings. Soon.

Bayek approached Shaqilat.

  • Bayek: You are stealing for the workers in the quarry?
  • Shaqilat: If you wish to arrest me you will have to rip my heart out before I take chains on.
  • Bayek Do not worry. But your ways may lead to Roman reprisal. You are trying to defend yet harm could come of your actions.
  • Shaqilat: Nek! I am not to blame for their oppression! I am a liberator!
  • Bayek You beget oppression! Liberation is a subtle work of art, not simple petty theft! You cannot take freedom, you must create it.
  • Shaqilat: I know the shape of freedom. I lived it with my husband here in the Nabatea before he was crucified like a fly by Tacito.

While they were conversing, a group of Roman soldiers arrived.

  • Shaqilat: There they are.

Bayek and Shaqilat defend themselves against the soldiers.

  • Bayek: Now earn your reputation.
  • Shaqilat: I will show you how nothing stops me.
  • Roman Soldier 1: There is the so-called liberator!
  • Roman Soldier 1: She robbed our outpost, get her!
  • Shaqilat: For Nabatea!
  • Bayek: Well-struck, Shaqilat!
  • Shaqilat: Defend these children with me! You will not regret it! Curse you, Roman jackals!

They defeated the soldiers. Shaqilat left the courtyard. Bayek followed her.

  • Bayek: Where are you going?
  • Shaqilat: I'll stay no longer. I will draw the other Romans away from these innocents!
  • Bayek: There are no more.
  • Shaqilat: There will always be more...
  • Bayek: Not if you join us.
  • Shaqilat: I do not understand what you ask of me.
  • Bayek: You fight well, a warrior of your kind is rare. Follow our path and you will not regret it.
  • Shaqilat: I do not join cults.
  • Bayek: We are liberators, and do not abide by the rules of false oracles and tyrants. You are a chosen one.

Bayek followed her to the edge of a cliff.

  • Shaqilat: I work for good, I want to help heal our lands.
  • Bayek: Shaqilat, I am sure you have the ka of a Hidden One.
  • Shaqilat: But... How can I trust a stranger? I work alone to save my people, I only trust myself.
  • Bayek: We have the same values. You must only decide whether you apply your skills for the benefit of few, or all.
  • Shaqilat: Look me in the eyes and tell me there will be no more hate, no more war, no more men in chains.
  • Bayek: These are all broken by our creed.
  • Bayek: Your creed. And if I do chose to give myself to it, to believe it, what must I do?
  • Bayek: Jump.
  • Shaqilat: (Sighs) How do we proceed? I do not understand what you ask of me.

Bayek moved to the end of a wooden plank performed a Leap of Faith and dived into a haystack below the cliff. Shaqilat looked down in amazement and walked to the end of the wooden plank. She took a deep breath and performed the leap into the haystack. She later emerged out of it.

  • Shaqilat: That was incredible, I thought I was going to die.
  • Bayek: You are reborn, as a Hidden One.
  • Shaqilat: (Sighs) How do we proceed?
  • Bayek: We have a bureau, and a ceremony celebrating your pledge.
  • Shaqilat: I will enter the shadows.
  • Bayek: Welcome to the brotherhood.


Bayek managed to rescue Osorkon from the Roman soldiers. Through him, he discovered a liberator by the name of Shaqilat and recruited her as a Hidden One.


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