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Rise of Shaqilat was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2017 through the Porable Animus HR-8.


A recruit in charge of the Hidden Ones bureau informs Bayek of the disappearance of Osorkon, a Hidden One.


Bayek spoke to Paanchi in the bureau.

  • Paanchi: Osorkon has been missing for two weeks. He is the shadow tasked with surveying the Quarry.
  • Bayek: Yet the shadow became lost.
  • Paanchi: It may be too late for Osorkon, he went to a merchant ship at the docks several days ago and that place is crawling with Romans. Would be a shame to lose him, his passion for the people and the Hidden Ones knew no bounds. I would die for him.
  • Bayek: I will find this Osorkon.

Bayek travelled to the docks, where he discovered several ships. He boarded one of them.

  • Bayek: These cages are small... were they for children? This boat has been ransacked.

Bayek discovered a broken shield, bearing the Hidden Ones insignia.

  • Bayek: A broken shield of the Hidden Ones. Osorkon was here.

Bayek boarded another boat.

  • Bayek: Osorkon? Where are you?

He discovered a broken cage.

  • Bayek: Poor child.

Bayek investigates cages where the children were held.

He discovered another cage.

  • Bayek: These cages for children are atrocious.

Bayek boarded another boat, where he discovered several bodies of soldiers and a merchant.

  • Bayek: A merchant killed, and dead Romans? Someone who disposed of these Romans did so with great skill. It must have been a Hidden One.

He discovered an open chest.

  • Bayek: The merchant was robbed. Curious.

He discovered a papyrus on the table.

Nabateans Sold to the Klysma Quarry:
Slave ledger for Sinai Order:
Yuya family: 6 boys (for the Priests at the Temple of Thoth)
Sitamun family: 2 girls (servants for Tacito)
Orphans: 12 boys (Quarry workers)
to be delivered to the Klysma Quarry Underground Outpost

Bayek commented on the note's contents

  • Bayek: Dear gods! Nabatean children sold into the quarry as slaves. These innocent souls are kept in an underground holding pen in the Quarry. I should go there.

Bayek travelled to the underground outpost, the entrance to which was guarded by a lone soldier.

  • Bayek: Osorkon must be held here.

Bayek eliminated the guard and infiltrated the outpost. There, he discovered Osorkon being interrogated by soldiers.

  • Osorkon: My lips are sealed.

Osorkon held captive by Roman soldiers.

  • Roman Soldier: We will rip your lips off. Your eyes... your everything.
  • Osorkon: Unlike you myrmidons, the oath I take means something. Send me to the Duat! I will have Osiris rip me limb from limb before I tell you an iota of anything. Nothing works within me except the fire to destroy those who take food from workers, those neket iadets (pieces of shit) like you.
  • Roman Soldier: Enough! He obviously has important information, torture him for as long as it takes. Keep him alive.
  • Osorkon: My wife Zagura will avenge my death, she is a great warrior too.

Bayek eliminated the guards.

  • Osorkon: The mentor has come to save me!

He investigated the outpost. He looked at a opened chest.

  • Bayek: Someone has robbed this Roman warehouse. A brave thief.

He discovered chains on the floor.

  • Bayek: Chains used on these poor children. Gods!

Bayek freed Osorkon.

  • Osorkon: Let's get out of here.

He escorted the Hidden One out of the outpost.

  • Osorkon: You must be the great Bayek. Understand this: I investigated the docks, and found a woman liberating the children on a slaver's barge.
  • Bayek: A liberator is behind the pillaging?
  • Osorkon: A Nabatean warrior known as Shaqilat. She hands out the spoils to the people—and strikes with incredible swiftness. I was following her but was captured by Romans. She has found safety with the children in a courtyard between the bureau and the quarry.

Bayek travelled to the courtyard to look for Shaqilat.

  • Shaqilat: Let your hearts be still children. I am your protector. The Sinai is your home.
  • Child 1: You are so brave Shaqilat.
  • Child 2: O great warrior, you are Iset!
  • Shaqilat: By Amun-Ra I will not let these centurions take you to be sold off like bags of grain.
  • Child 3: Please do not let them take us again!
  • Child 4: I cannot wait to eat a good meal.
  • Shaqilat: Soon my darlings. Soon.

Bayek approached Shaqilat.

  • Bayek: You are stealing for the workers in the quarry?
  • Shaqilat: If you wish to arrest me you will have to rip my heart out before I take chains on.
  • Bayek Do not worry. But your ways may lead to Roman reprisal. You are trying to defend yet harm could come of your actions.
  • Shaqilat: Nek! (Shit!) I am not to blame for their oppression! I am a liberator!
  • Bayek You beget oppression! Liberation is a subtle work of art, not simple petty theft! You cannot take freedom, you must create it.
  • Shaqilat: I know the shape of freedom. I lived it with my husband here in the Nabatea before he was crucified like a fly by Tacito.

While they were conversing, a group of Roman soldiers arrived.

  • Shaqilat: There they are.

Bayek and Shaqilat defend themselves against the soldiers.

  • Bayek: Now earn your reputation.
  • Shaqilat: I will show you how nothing stops me.
  • Roman Soldier 1: There is the so-called liberator!
  • Roman Soldier 1: She robbed our outpost, get her!
  • Shaqilat: For Nabatea!
  • Bayek: Well-struck, Shaqilat!
  • Shaqilat: Defend these children with me! You will not regret it! Curse you, Roman jackals!

They defeated the soldiers. Shaqilat left the courtyard. Bayek followed her.

Bayek asks Shaqilat to join his cause.

  • Bayek: Where are you going?
  • Shaqilat: I'll stay no longer. I will draw the other Romans away from these innocents!
  • Bayek: There are no more.
  • Shaqilat: There will always be more...
  • Bayek: Not if you join us.
  • Shaqilat: I do not understand what you ask of me.
  • Bayek: You fight well, a warrior of your kind is rare. Follow our path and you will not regret it.
  • Shaqilat: I do not join cults.
  • Bayek: We are liberators, and do not abide by the rules of false oracles and tyrants. You are a chosen one.

Bayek followed her to the edge of a cliff.

  • Shaqilat: I work for good, I want to help heal our lands.
  • Bayek: Shaqilat, I am sure you have the ka of a Hidden One.
  • Shaqilat: But... How can I trust a stranger? I work alone to save my people, I only trust myself.
  • Bayek: We have the same values. You must only decide whether you apply your skills for the benefit of few, or all.
  • Shaqilat: Look me in the eyes and tell me there will be no more hate, no more war, no more men in chains.
  • Bayek: These are all broken by our creed.
  • Bayek: Your creed. And if I do chose to give myself to it, to believe it, what must I do?
  • Bayek: Jump.

Bayek moved to the end of a wooden plank sticking from the platform.

  • Shaqilat: (Sighs) How do we proceed? I do not understand what you ask of me.

Bayek performed a Leap of Faith and dove into a haystack below the cliff. Shaqilat looked down in amazement and inched herself to the end of the wooden plank. She took a deep breath and performed the leap into the haystack, then emerged from it.

  • Shaqilat: That was incredible, I thought I was going to die.
  • Bayek: You are reborn, as a Hidden One.
  • Shaqilat: (Sighs) How do we proceed?
  • Bayek: We have a bureau, and a ceremony celebrating your pledge.
  • Shaqilat: I will enter the shadows.
  • Bayek: Welcome to the brotherhood.


Bayek managed to rescue Osorkon from the Roman soldiers. Through him, he discovered a liberator by the name of Shaqilat and recruited her as a Hidden One.


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