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Rise Through the Ranks was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra spoke to Lysander about recovering more Athenian polemarch seals.


  • Kassandra: You seem pleased, General.
  • Lysander: Supply lines cut. Troops tremble. And I rise through the ranks!
  • Kassandra: Congratulations.

(If players asked "What is your strategy to win?")

  • Kassandra: Your strategy has served you well so far. What will it take to win?

Lysander was somewhat incensed by her question.

  • Lysander: I'm not idle while you kill commanders. I've had enemy forts surveyed and know all of their supply runs.

Kassandra realized her role in his plans.

  • Kassandra: So I've been a diversion.
  • Lysander: Soon I'll know their sea routes.

(If players asked "How far will you rise through the ranks?")

  • Kassandra: You've made it further than most leaders.

Lysander haughtily pointed at himself.

  • Lysander: Others boast of royal blood. I'm a descendant of Herakles. That gives me more legitimate claim to lead even Archidamos.

(Leave – "No more questions.")

  • Kassandra: That's all for now.
  • Lysander: If you're done wasting time... Go and strike the fort commanders down.

Kassandra replied loathingly.

  • Kassandra: As you command, General.​​​​​​

In time, Kassandra returned with the seals.

  • Kassandra: The task is done. Here are the seals as proof.

Lysander turned merry.

  • Lysander: I'll be commander soon. And then I'll be crowned by the gods.
  • Kassandra: The Athenians seem unsure how to react.

Lysander spoke disparagingly.

  • Lysander: Unlike Spartans, Athenians answer to the whims of ignorant peasants. It makes them slow to react. Spartans do what needs to be done. Such as eliminating enemy commanders.

(Dialogue continues to start the next quest.)


Kassandra helped Lysander recover three more polemarch seals.


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