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"Push through! Go! Go! Justice or death! Forward!"
―The Turkish civilians endeavoring to push through the arsenal gates, 1511.[src]

The riot at the Harbor of Theodosius was an event that occurred during the Ottoman Empire in the year 1511, in which a large group of vexed citizens at Constantinople's Harbor of Theodosius rioted against the Janissaries because of their corrupt behavior.

However, the turmoil was catalyzed by the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who arrived at the harbor and incited the citizens by bribing local heralds, who were then used to stimulate the conflict.

After the incident at the harbor, Ezio met with Ottoman Prince Suleiman I, who gave him the orders to assassinate Tarik Barleti, the Janissary Captain. This came after Ezio informed Suleiman of a meeting that he had observed between Tarik and a Templar named Manuel Palaiologos, an heir to the Byzantine throne.


Inciting a riot

Yusuf: "Even in times of peace, the poor are always under siege."
Ezio: "If we inspire them to vent their anger, perhaps that will help our cause."
—Ezio and Yusuf discussing the instigation of commotion at the harbor, 1511.[src]

Tarik meeting with Manuel and Shahkulu

Arriving at the arsenal after tailing the Janissary Captain, Ezio monitored a meeting between Tarik and Manuel. Following this, Manuel, who had brought sufficient money for the exchange, ordered his personal bodyguard, Shahkulu, to present Tarik with the finances.

Executing his master's instructions, Shahkulu swiftly handed the money to the Captain, who allowed one of his men to tally the currency. Meanwhile, Tarik and Manuel discussed the final aspects of their deal, with Manuel demanding to be allowed to assess the weapons' quality before completing the transaction.

Once Tarik's man validated the finances, he provided Manuel access to the arsenal, explaining that he would have his shipment transported to Manuel once the latter was content with the purchase. Upon being asked if his men were ready for travel, Tarik responded that it was not an issue, and that they were able to journey anywhere. Before adjourning their meeting, Manuel informed Tarik that he would have a map developed for him within a week.

With the meeting suspended as the men proceeded into the arsenal, Ezio approached fellow Assassin Yusuf Tazim and questioned his presence at the harbor. Yusuf informed Ezio that several of his men reported having caught sight of a weapons shipment arriving at the arsenal. With that in mind, Ezio desired to see the weapons for himself, although this was stalled by the fact the arsenal was too heavily fortified for a simple infiltration.

Ezio and Yusuf observing the rioting civilians

Then, witnessing several Janissaries assault a merchant near the gates, Ezio devised a plan to use the citizens in order to break the arsenal's defenses. Bribing some of the nearby heralds to accuse the Janissaries of tyranny, Ezio was able to incite the crowd against the guards, and endeavor to break through the arsenal gates.

Enraged, the civilians rioted at the front of the gates while the guards and Janissaries attempted to ease them, first with words, then with force. Convinced by Yusuf to defend the civilians, Ezio managed to keep the guards occupied long enough for them to storm through the gates. The people then rampaged through the arsenal alongside Ezio, though he soon broke away from the mob in order to pursue Manuel and Tarik.

Pursuit of Manuel

"Twenty years in this city, living like a cipher... and finally, everything is falling into place."
―Manuel, with regards to his schemes, 1511.[src]

Ezio eavesdropping on Manuel and Shahkulu

After infiltrating the arsenal, Ezio hunted for Manuel and his men, bypassing the fires that had been set and the civilian corpses scattered around him. Eventually, he was able to locate the Templar and his men near a warehouse loaded with the weapons shipment, at the far side of the arsenal. There, Manuel, Shahkulu, and several of Manuel's men examined Tarik's supplies.

After a careful inspection of the stock, Manuel and Shahkulu had a brief discussion regarding the Palaiologos line. Shahkulu merely pleaded for his master to recognize who had aided him in his work once his family's standing was restored, to which Manuel responded that he would not forget the favor, but reminded Shahkulu to remain patient.

Once Manuel and his men departed from the area, Ezio scoured the crates, and discovered for himself that they held firearms. However, he was quickly spotted by the remaining guards in the arsenal, who chased Ezio in an attempt to apprehend him, though the Assassin fled and soon escaped the soldiers, leaving the arsenal and the few remaining civilians inside behind.


Suleiman: "Get the information you need, then kill him."
Ezio: "Are you sure? You told me Tarik and your father were close friends, Suleiman."
Suleiman: "This is true. But such naked treason against my grandfather deserves death."
—Suleiman instructs Ezio to assassinate Tarik, 1511.[src]

Ezio informing Suleiman about Tarik and Manuel

After the turmoil at the harbor, the civilians returned to their accustomed ways of life, though the harbor remained marred by the destruction caused from the riot. Despite the events that transpired at the harbor, Ezio swiftly returned to his primary intent of recovering the third Masyaf Key.

Once he had procured the third key, Ezio convened with Suleiman to inform him of what he observed in the arsenal regarding Tarik's deception. Before their meeting concluded, however, Suleiman told Ezio to locate Tarik and to kill him once Ezio had obtained the information he required.