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Rinaldo Vitturi was a member of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins during the 15th century, and was commonly known as the Keeper of the Shroud.


Shroud's Keeper

"We search Rinaldo's home and find the Shroud safe in its box, but no sign of him. Did he survive?"
―Assassins in Agnadello after Perotto's attack.[src]

At the request of his Order, Rinaldo guarded the Shroud inside his home in Agnadello. In 1498, Rinaldo's friend and fellow Assassin, Perotto Calderon, travelled to Agnadello to retrieve the Shroud from him, as he believed it could cure his dying son.[1]

Several Assassins from Agnadello travelled to intercept Perotto, determined to keep him from using the Piece of Eden for his own purposes. Despite knowing the danger of his desperation, the Assassins faced their Brother fairly, attacking him one at a time.[1]

Perotto ultimately either killed or seriously wounded each of them, and rode on to Agnadello. A second team later sent after him arrived at Rinaldo's home, and found it to be empty, leaving them wondering whether Rinaldo had survived or not.[1]

Leaving the Order

"[Rinaldo] believes that we are too reserved. Too unwilling to use the power we have found. He speaks with a Templar tongue and I let him know it."
―Francesco Vecellio.[src]

Some time after this event, Rinaldo and several of Perotto's other friends left the Order, convinced that the Assassins were too unwilling to use the great power they guarded. As the Order initially did not know the deserters' ambitions, they sent out a team to investigate.[2]

Truce PL

Rinaldo meeting with Francesco and his team

Perotto's former understudy, Francesco Vecellio, led the investigation, and was surprised to uncover Rinaldo's name as one of the deserters. Rinaldo and his men found the team less than an hour after this, and Francesco thus offered him an opportunity to return to the Order and have his former rank restored.[2]

As Rinaldo explained his reasons for leaving, saying that they needed to make the most of the Shroud's powers, Francesco only remarked that he spoke with a Templar tongue. At this accusation, Rinaldo's men began to advance on the younger Assassin team, though Rinaldo signaled them back, and went on to ask what had become of the Shroud.[2]

Francesco admitted that he did not know, but offered the deserters a chance to help them battle the Borgia in Rome, seeing that they had all lost their purpose. Though Francesco and his team left Agnadello without knowing Rinaldo's response, Francesco admitted to himself that he could "think of no safer place for the Shroud than with these men."[2]



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