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Right-Hand Man was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After having heard of the man while strolling around the fishing village of Grand Cayman, Edward and Opía aimed to flush out Vargas, Lucia Márquez's right-hand man.


Edward reunited with Opía.

  • Opía: Were you successful?
  • Edward: I kept overhearing this name - Márquez. Friend of yours?
  • Opía: Her name matches that of the man who destroyed our village. We fought and lost, but the leader did not live to enjoy his victory.
  • Edward: You think this woman is related?
  • Opía: If she is, we are not safe.
  • Edward: The bill of sale we stole gives the address of a man in her employ, Vargas.
  • Opía: I saw. I know where it is.
  • Edward: Let's pay the bait boy a visit and find out what he knows.
  • Opía: Follow us. You must try to understand what it is at stake.
  • Edward: I've got some idea...
  • Opía: No. It's more than your key. There are those who say the Taíno are already extinct. But we will never be extinguished. Our fight continues.
Right Hand Man 2

Opía attempting to meet with Vargas

The pair reached Vargas' residence.

  • Opía: Here it is. The home of Vargas. Hide. We'll use the element of surprise to our advantage. Get out of sight. (Hello!)
  • Vargas: State your business.
  • Opía: I hope for an audience with Señorita Márquez.

Vargas fled through the backdoor.

  • Opía: Chase him!

Vargas managed to board a ship, and Edward took the Jackdaw to give chase.

  • Opía: We're coming with you! He's getting away! Hurry, keep after him! Don't let him get away! Don't sink him! We need the man and the ship intact. If he drowns we'll lose Márquez! We've got him! Board his ship! Board him, and make him talk! What are you waiting for? Board it!

Edward boarded the ship and assassinated Vargas.

Right Hand Man 7

Edward interrogating Vargas

  • Edward: Out with it, lad. Where's Márquez! Why's she here?
  • Vargas: She's already left for Juventud. Find her there if you must. Her army will teach you a lesson.
  • Opía: Juventud is the island of our enemies. If Lucia Márquez has gone there, it is certain we are her target.
  • Edward: How many enemies do you have?
  • Opía: When you are hunted, it sometimes seems that every stranger is an enemy. On Juventud, we have been at truce since the death of the first Márquez, but this woman could re-ignite our dispute, if her price is high enough.
  • Edward: Uh, can't have that.
  • Opía: I'll take this ship. Meet me there, if you still want your key.


Edward and Opía learned of Lucia Márquez's location, and set sail for Pinos Isle to confront her.



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