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Ricsige (died 876) was King of Northumbria from 872 to 876. After Ecgberht I was overthrown, Ricsige was installed by Halfdan Ragnarsson as king of the newly established Kingdom of Jorvik.


In the 870s, Ricsige became preoccupied with a money shortage during Halfdan Ragnarsson's war with the Picts, allowing the Order of the Ancients – through the Red Hand – to corrupt Jorvik.[1]. After Faravid introduced Eivor Varinsdottir to the king, he sent the shieldmaiden to take down the Red Hand.[1] After Eivor assassinated Ingeborg and Grigorii, she discovered a council seal amongst the latters personal effects, leading her to suspect that Ricsige, alongside other members of his council was the final member of the Ancients.[2] The traitor was revealed to be Audun, who poisoned the guests at the Yule feast. After Eivor killed Audun, Ricsige was escorted back to his royal hall. Despite expressing his dismay he could not kill him himself, he rewarded Eivor with the title of Honourary High Reeve of Jorvik.[2].

Ricsige held a council following the events in Jorvik, shortly following the arrival of Geirmund Hel-hide in the city.[3]

In 876, Ricsige was in Doncaster arguing with Halfdan Ragnarsson, demanding his war end due to the suffering of his people.[4] Eivor and Faravid later approached Ricsige in Jorvik requesting a fyrd to help besiege Magnis Fortress. After initially refusing, Ricsige eventually obliged after the pair provided forged documents purportedly from Halfdan.[5] When the Danes arrived at Magnis however, it was revealed that Ricsige had allied with the Picts in an attempt at reclaiming Yorkshire from Halfdan. After successfully storming the fort, Eivor fatally wounded Ricsige, who was left to die in the blizzard.[6]



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