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Richardis (c. 840 – 895), also known as Richardis of Swabia, was the last empress of the Carolingian Empire to rule over the Kingdom of West Francia.


In the last few years of her reign alongside her husband Charles III, Paris was subjected to a Viking siege that led to Charles' downfall[1] and eventual deposition.[2]

In 887, Charles succumbed to a madness that had worsened during the siege and accused Richardis of adultery, claiming that she was using her efforts to rule in his stead as cover for an affair with his trusted archchancellor Liutward, whom Richardis was actually trying to oust from power.[3]

Although she passed the trial by ordeal,[4] Charles had the marriage annulled. Richardis retreated with her family to the commune of Andlau, where she founded and become Abbess of the local abbey. After her death in 895, Richardis was venerated throughout for her pious nature, and in 1049 was canonized as a saint.[3]

Behind the scenes

Depending on the player's choice in the memory "Madness of King Charles" on whether or not to spare Charles's life, Richardis sends a letter either thanking Eivor for having mercy on Charles, or condemning her for her betrayal.




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