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[[Category:Presidents of the United States]]
[[Category:Presidents of the United States]]
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[[Category:Templar puppets]]

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"Make the economy scream."
―Richard Nixon instructing the CIA to disrupt Chile's economy, 1970.[src]

Richard Milhous Nixon (9 January 1913 – 22 April 1994) was the 37th President of the United States.

Nixon's government was influenced by Abstergo Industries, the public front of the Templar Order. He ordered the CIA to disrupt the economy of Chile, in order to topple the socialist president Salvador Allende and maintain the interests of Abstergo and other corporations in the region.

Henry Kissinger, Nixon's Secretary of State, masterminded the coup d'état in Chile in 1973. As a result, Allende died and General Augusto Pinochet rose to power as the country's dictator.


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