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Revenge of the Wolf was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a concerned woman in Mytilene.


In Mytilene, Kassandra came across a woman pleading for help on the streets.

  • Civilian: Help! Someone please help me!

Kassandra approached the woman.

  • Kassandra: Calm down and tell me what's wrong.
  • Civilian: My husband, he's late... no—missing! He and his friend have tracked a giant wolf south of Mytilene. They want its pelt.

  • Kassandra: He better be a good hunter.
  • Civilian: Without knowing, all I can do is worry.

  • Kassandra: You said yourself he was likely late. I wouldn't worry.
  • Civilian: But a savage creature could be devouring them as we speak!

  • Kassandra: If you say so.
  • Civilian: Can I hire you to find my husband and kill the giant wolf for me?
  • Kassandra: Why would I need to kill the wolf? I can just bring back your husband and his friend.
  • Civilian: If you won't, those two idiots will continue their hunt. I need this nightmare to stop, and I'll give you my husband's helmet as payment.

(Accept – I will kill the giant wolf.)

  • Kassandra: I'll find your husband and kill the giant wolf once and for all.
  • Civilian: Thank you, misthios. If there's anything I can do to help...

(If players choose "Why do you call the wolf a giant?")

  • Kassandra: What makes you think it's not just an ordinary wolf?
  • Civilian: My husband says it's twice the size as any he's seen!

(If players choose "Where exactly did your husband go?")

  • Kassandra: Where south of Mytilene did he track the wolf to?
  • Civilian: He tracked it southwest to the mountains and set up a lookout near a shrine.

(Leave – Time to get going.)

  • Kassandra: I'll find your husband and his friend, and kill the giant wolf for you.
  • Civilian: May Artemis guide your arrows.

Kassandra headed south to the shrine mentioned by the woman. There, she came across several cages.

  • Kassandra: Hunting gear. The men were here.

Near the shrine, he found a bloodied body on the ground.

  • Kassandra: Found one... killed by the wolf. I wonder if this is the husband?

She investigated a trail of blood near the body.

  • Kassandra: Blood... The wolf must've dragged the other man. To a cave, maybe.

Kassandra followed the trail of blood to a nearby cave, where she found more blood trails and wolf's body.

  • Kassandra: It's huge! But if it's dead... what killed these men?

Kassandra entered the cave and found a wounded hunter lying on the ground.

  • Hunter: Who... who's there?
  • Kassandra: A woman sent me to kill a giant wolf and save her husband and his friend.
  • Hunter: I'm the friend. Her husband... he's dead. We killed a giant wolf, but she was full of pups. A terrible mistake. We didn't know...

They both heard a growl.

  • Kassandra: What's down there?
  • Hunter: We... um... finished skinning the she-wolf, then heard a sad and terrible howl. It was the mate! It tore into my friend, then dragged me here. It's waiting...
  • Kassandra: It wants revenge.
  • Hunter: You've got to kill it, or we die!

  • Kassandra: You killed its mate and unborn pups. It seems fair.
  • Hunter: What? No! Don't leave me. Don't leave me!

Kassandra turned and exited the cave, leaving the hunter to his fate. Before she was gone, she heard the wolf growl.

  • Hunter: No! Nice wolf! Nice wolf! No - Ahhhhhhhh!

  • Kassandra: For what you two did, I think it's time you and the wolf were reacquainted. Hunter, meet wolf. Wolf, eat hunter!
  • Hunter: What? No! You can't! You monster. You -

Kassandra turned and exited the cave, leaving the hunter to his fate. Before she was gone, she heard the wolf growl.

  • Hunter: No! Nice wolf! Nice wolf! No - Ahhhhhhhh!

  • Kassandra: I'm not here to judge—I was hired to kill a wolf. Wait here.
  • Hunter: Oh thank you. Thank you.

Kassandra headed further inwards, finding the giant wolf the hunter spoke of, and acquired its pelt.

Kassandra returned to the woman in Mytilene.

  • Civilian: My husband hasn't returned. Please tell me he's coming.
  • Kassandra: Your husband is dead.
  • Civilian: No!
  • Kassandra: But I killed the wolf and brought you its pelt. You can take comfort knowing he was avenged.
  • Civilian: Comfort? Avenged? My husband is dead. Nothing will ever change that fact! Take his helmet and leave!

  • Civilian: My husband... Where is he?
  • Kassandra: Your husband and his friend were killed by the giant wolf after he killed its mate and unborn pups. I chose not to kill it.
  • Civilian: No! I hired you to protect them. If I see you again, I'll put a contract on your head!


Kassandra helped the woman look for her husband. After finding him dead and meeting the other hunter, she returned with news of his death.


  • Despite its size, the wolf in the cave is not marked as an alpha animal. As such, it can be knocked out and tamed, which will still provide the Giant Wolf Skin item and complete the quest requirement to kill the wolf. Strangely, Kassandra is able to assassinate the wolf while it's tamed.


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