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Revealing the Recruiter was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Darius to locate the Order of Hunters recruiter.


Kassandra made her way into the wilds near Olynthos Fortress in search of Darius. Ikaros spotted him crouching on a cliff amidst the trees west of the fort.

  • Kassandra: There's Darius.

She made her way to Darius and spoke to him.

  • Kassandra: Found you.
  • Darius: I'm found when I want to be.
  • Kassandra: Natakas says you found something. Could it lead to the Huntsman?
  • Darius: The Order has been making plans. You want "the Huntsman"? Then stick around and help me stop them.
  • Kassandra: I'm listening.
  • Darius: One of the Huntsman's lieutenants is in charge of recruitment for the Order in Makedonia.
  • Kassandra: So we locate him and we'll have a lead.
  • Darius: Look for any notes, messages, ledgers—they will tell us where the next meeting is. And do it quietly.

  • Kassandra: I'll rip through that fort and deal with what's to come.
  • Darius: You lack foresight. But the choice is yours—just get what we need.

  • Kassandra: I'll do my best not to be seen.

Darius was pleased by her answer.

  • Darius: Good.

  • Kassandra: And you?
  • Darius: I'll go down to the village and find out when the meeting is taking place.
  • Kassandra: When I'm done at the fort, I'll meet you there.

The two parted ways and Kassandra made her way east to the Fortress. Ikaros located many items of note.

  • Kassandra: There it is!
  • Kassandra: Found it!
  • Kassandra: That's what I'm looking for.

Kassandra infiltrated the fort and began her hunt.

  • Kassandra: Darius said to keep this quiet.

She inspected the garrison commander's quarters and found a note.

  • Kassandra: "Meet me tonight beneath our favorite tree. I need you." Hmm... Steamy.

A nearby captain carried another message. She assassinated him and claimed the note from his corpse.

  • Kassandra: "The goats shall bleed, and the moths will draw to the flame. The snake will be reborn. New fangs, new skin, new life." Maybe Darius will know what this means.

Kassandra made her way through the fort to a storage barn on the opposite side. She found the final message of interest.

  • Kassandra: "Food shipment delivered. Village cook has verified contents." Ordinary receipt, not helpful.

With all three items in hand, she decided to leave.

  • Kassandra: That should be everything. Time to meet Darius.
ACOD Revealing the Recruiter - Darius Reading Scroll

Darius reading the scroll

Kassandra made her way out of the fort and back west to the farm where she agreed to meet Darius. He called to her near some pyres of hay.

  • Darius: Over here.

She handed over the messages, and he began to read them.

  • Darius: How did it go?

  • Kassandra: Everything went well. No one even knew I was there.
  • Darius: Indeed.

  • Kassandra: It was fine—
  • Darius: I could hear you all the way from here.
  • Kassandra: Then why ask?
  • Darius: Integrity is important.

  • Kassandra: What do you make of those? They don't look like secret messages.
  • Darius: This note. New fangs? New recruits. And bleeding goats—

Darius looked around.

  • Darius: A goat farm, like this one. That's where the meeting will be. The Order uses goat's blood in their initiation rituals.

  • Kassandra: The notes meant nothing to me. Your knowledge of the Order is helpful. What else do you know?
  • Darius: I know the meeting is soon. There's always a signal to draw them in.

  • Kassandra: There must be more to the note.
ACOD Revealing the Recruiter - Kassandra Darius Investigation

Darius and Kassandra investigate the farm

Darius opened the note once more, and they both studied it.

  • Darius: This part about moths to a flame...
  • Kassandra: If they use goat farms, they might have been here. We should look around for clues.
  • Darius: True. Where do you want to start?

  • Kassandra: That granary over there. It's small but full, I'm sure people still flock to it like—
  • Darius: Bees to honey? I don't think so.
  • Kassandra: Me neither.
  • Darius: This is about flames and fire. There's something here.

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  • Kassandra: Those pyres of hay... There are soot marks at the base.
  • Darius: What of it?

They knelt down to inspect the soot marks.

  • Kassandra: Somebody has been burning hay here. The flames are the signal.
  • Darius: Which means night is the only time they can meet because—
  • Kassandra: Moths to a flame.

They stood.

  • Darius: That's right.
  • Kassandra: We just have to wait for the meeting to start.
  • Darius: There's another goat farm nearby, across the bridge.
  • Kassandra: Good. I'll meet you there at nightfall.

Darius took his leave. The two had discerned where the meeting was to take place.

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Kassandra travelled to the meeting location, finding Darius near the bushes.

  • Darius: I found a place to watch the meeting. We'll wait there.

They made their way to the observation point and waited until nightfall.

  • Darius: The meeting is soon. Come.

They made their way to the observation point.

ACOD Revealing the Recruiter - Bubares Briefing

Bubares talking to the recruits

They observed the recruiter speaking to three individuals at the farm.

  • Bubares: The Huntsman will be pleased with this turnout.
  • Darius: The Recruiter.

  • Bubares: To the matter at hand—the Eagle Bearer! Your mission is simple.

Bubares raised his hands for emphasis.

  • Bubares: Bring me her head!

  • Bubares: There's been a disturbance at the Olynthos Fortress. Artabanus must be behind this.

Kassandra turned to Darius.

  • Kassandra: Artabanus?

Darius remained silent.

  • Bubares: Your mission is to find the Eagle Bearer, but if you bring me both of them—All the better.

  • Darius: I'll flank them. Don't let him get away.

  • Kassandra: We shouldn't split up. Don't—

Before Kassandra could finish, Darius had already disappeared.

  • Kassandra: Maláka.

Kassandra stood up to decide her plan of action.

  • Kassandra: Wait for the meeting to end... Or go in now? Where did Darius go?

Kassandra attacked the recruiter and his guards.

  • Bubares: There you are. I'll take your head myself, Eagle Bearer. The Huntsman will be pleased.

Kassandra eliminated Bubares and his men.

  • Bubares: The numbers here are sufficient. But the Huntsman needs more. Drink and consider yourself one of us! You will play an important part in restoring balance and order to your homeland. The Eagle Bearer alone is at fault for Makedonia's woes. The blood, the bodies! Tragic. So very tragic. The Order is the answer. We will rid your lands of this Tainted One. With her gone, Makedonia's balance will be restored. We've drawn the Eagle Bearer to Makedonia. Now go! Find her.

The new recruits departed. The recruiter's guards spoke to him.

  • Captain: Recruitment is going well, sir. But most of them can't fight. They are villagers, farmers—They stand no chance agaisnt the Eagle Bearer. You saw what she did at the village we burned.
  • Bubares: Then you understand why no price is too high to stop her. Now go find the Eagle Bearer instead of questioning the Huntsman's orders.

The guards left the area.

  • Kassandra: There he goes. All alone. Now's my chance. I can't wait for Darius.

Kassandra sneaked behind Bubares and assassinated him.

Kassandra recovered a scroll from his body and read it aloud.

  • Kassandra: Another note. "I expect good news about the recruitment. Report to me at the lake." The Huntsman.
ACOD Revealing the Recruiter - Darius Return

Darius appearing to Kassandra

Darius leaned against the building listening to her. He announced his presence.

  • Darius: A lake. Interesting.

(If players asked "Where were you?")

  • Kassandra: Where were you hiding?
  • Darius: Closer than you'd have thought. You were never in any real danger.
(Detected at Olynthos Fortress – "Who is Artabanus?")
  • Kassandra: The Huntsman's lieutenant mentioned an... Artabanus. Who's that?
  • Darius: A dead man.

(If players chose "I thought we were working together.")

  • Kassandra: You left. Why?
  • Darius: I needed to be sure you weren't with the Order.
  • Kassandra: You still suspected me.
  • Darius: And you've never questioned my relationship to the Order?

  • Kassandra: It's true I've had my suspicions. You identified the coded note immediately and knew of their rituals and ways.

  • Kassandra: This is not the same. I thought I had back up.

  • Darius: I know you're clean, and we've got our answers.
  • Kassandra: The note said that the Huntsman is near a lake.
  • Darius: I have other leads to follow up on. And I'm sure Natakas has more for you.

Darius departed the farm.

  • Kassandra: Whatever Darius is hiding, I'll find it.


Kassandra helped Darius to recover information that revealed the location of the initiation ritual conducted by the recruiter. Kassandra later eliminated the recruiter, recovering information of the Huntsman's whereabouts.



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