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Reunited was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov and Anastasia Nikolaevna's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Working together, Anastasia and Nikolai made their way to the Volga, from where they would escape Kazan.


  • Orelov: We need to split up. The Templars are going to be looking for us. Together we stand out. Apart we can blend in.
  • Anastasia: You're leaving me?
  • Orelov: I'll be watching from the rooftops. You stick to the streets and buildings. I've got you covered.
  • Anastasia: Where are we heading?
  • Orelov: The Volga. We'll take a boat.
  • Anastasia: Be safe, Nikolaï.
  • Orelov: You too, Anya.

Nikolai reached a sniping point, and shot the soldiers in Anastasia's way. Eventually, Anastasia entered a house.

  • Orelov: Wait there, child!

Nikolai sniped a soldier through the window.

  • Anastasia: Thanks, Kolya!

Anastasia proceeded.

  • Anastasia: I'll lure them in front of the windows, so Kolya has a clear shot.

Anastasia made it to the rooftops, while Nikolai left his position.

  • Orelov: I have to get to another vantage point, quickly.
    I have get into position to cover her before she is spotted.

Nikolai reached a new position, where he resumed covering Anastasia.

  • Orelov: Move, but be cautious!
    Wait there, child!
    Run, Anya!

Anastasia entered another house with the windows closed.

  • Anastasia: I need to find a way to open the windows.

Anastasia opened the windows, allowing Nikolai to snipe two soldiers in front of her before they could detect her. She reached second floor, again with closed windows.

  • Anastasia: I need to get those windows open.

Anastasia opened the windows and proceeded, until she reached a warehouse full of soldiers.

  • Anastasia: There's too many. I need to find a way for Kolya to take them all out.
  • Soldier 1: Is the next shipment of explosives on schedule?
  • Soldier 2: Yes, the boat will be arriving shortly. Everything is still on schedule.
  • Soldier 1: Excellent, we'll need to clean some space in here for their arrival.

Anastasia noticed some explosive barrels on a platform.

  • Anastasia: Now to get these in Kolya's sight.

Anastasia activated a switch, moving the platform and dropping the barrels by the warehouse's front door. Nikolai shot the barrels, blowing all the soldiers up. Anastasia left the warehouse and reached the river, while Nikolai noticed a truck moving towards her.

  • Orelov: I'll have to take out the driver before the truck reaches Anya.

Nikolai killed the driver, making the truck crash and explode. He then sniped waves of soldiers moving on Anastasia.

  • Orelov: Shoot! They almost got her.
  • Anastasia: They're getting close! On the balcany!

After Nikolai killed more soldiers, Anastasia pulled a barrel to the middle of the bridge she was on and moved away.

  • Anastasia: Shoot the barrel!

Nikolai shot the barrel, destroying the bridge and preventing the soldiers from following them. They then left on boat.

  • Anastasia: The world is changing. My father's Empire is gone... my family... dead.
  • Orelov: You will survive this. You are strong, just like Shao Jun.
  • Anastasia: I never knew I could do the things I've done. Shao Jun helped me realize what I am capable of, what I can achieve. I know I'm not her, but I also know I can no longer be myself. Anastasia Nikolaevna needs to... fade away... She cannot be a part of this new world...


Anastasia and Nikolai managed to escape from Kazan.



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