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"Reunion" is the eighth chapter of the manga Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Jun written by Minoji Kurata.


Yokohama, Japan, 2019
Kiyoshi continues explaining to Mari that the end goal of the Templars is always above all else, and that Lisa's life is very expendable to them. Knowing that her cousin's life hangs in the balance, Mari tries to call Lisa, who is still laying within the Animus at that moment.

Nan'an, 1529
Wang Yangming and Shao Jun stand outside the gates to Nan'an. Yangming explains that Wei Bin, one of the Eight Tigers resides inside, and is known as the right hand man of their leader Zhang Yong. With guards everywhere, he explains that it would be easier for her to disguise her Assassin clothes, and enter the city as a civilian. In the meantime, he will seek out a relics contact who he believes might help them understand how to use the Precursor box, as this person had already come in contact with another relic of the mysterious First Civilization who, Yangming says, were also behind the creation of the treasure that he and Jun are seeking. As a result, he also believes that the Templars would also be after the same individual.

The two Assassins part ways. Jun hides her sword, a jian, within a lute to keep it concealed, and wraps it in a cloth. As she approaches the city entrance, a guard calls to her to stop and reveal what is underneath the cloth. As she initially refuses, a boy interrupts and tries to explain that Jun is his sister and that she really should be going. The guard snatches the cloth, and after revealing the lute allows them to pass.

The boy reveals himself to be Xiao Hu, the son of the Assassin who was tortured to death in Macau three years earlier. Jun again brings up her guilt over what happened with the fire there, but Hu explains that the people acknowledged that a black clad woman had helped rescue many people that day, and that the authorities had recklessly started the fire themselves. Jun acknowledges that in the end her actions did in fact do some good after all. After thanking Hu, she removes the sword from her lute and the clothes covering her Assassin garb, and sets out onto her mission. Taking to the rooftops, she starts to dispatch guards by stealth. Finally coming to terms with her past actions, she realizes now that her battle is far beyond her experiences, and is in fact a battle for freedom itself.

Meanwhile, outside the city, Wang Yangming meets a contact and climbs a stairway to a temple upon a mountain. The contact explains that the person that Yangming is looking for is hidden inside the temple far from public view and that it is because of such precaution that they were able to escape the Templars up until that moment. Suddenly, a crossbow bolt lands in the contact’s chest and he falls to the ground. A group of crossbowmen stand ahead, led by Qiu Ju and Zhang Yong, who shouts an angry welcome to the lone Assassin before ordering the archers to kill Yangming.

Characters in order of appearance

  • Kiyoshi Takakura
  • Mari
  • Lisa Huang
  • Shao Jun
  • Wang Yangming
  • Zhang Yong
  • Wei Bin
  • Xiao Hu
  • Qiu Ju


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