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This article is about the genetic memory of Bayek. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Ezio Auditore.
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Reunion was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A strange call summons Senu into the wilderness. Bayek must find his companion in the wild Nile.


While exploring Herakleion Nome, Bayek heard a whistle. His eagle, Senu, flew towards the call, leaving Bayek alone.

  • Bayek: Senu!?

Bayek headed towards where the call had come, reaching a small campsite, where a woman was petting Senu.

  • Tahira: And what are you looking out for, hmmm?

Bayek approached them. The woman rose up, with a bowl in her hands.

  • Tahira: Take care of your eagle. Roman hunters capture every beast they find.
  • Bayek: Tahira? What are you...?
  • Tahira: It's nice to see you, too, Bayek. You look better.
  • Bayek: You knew I was in the region?
  • Tahira: I hoped. You leave a wake when you pass. Even I have heard stories of "Bayek of Siwa."
  • Bayek: Why are you so far out here?
  • Tahira: I'm defending this valley from becoming a Roman slaughterhouse. They capture our beasts, and they slaughter them in Rome before their gods.
  • Bayek: Hmm. I've heard the stories.
  • Tahira: I cannot stand against them alone. I prayed to Sobek, and he delivered... you. Come!

Tahira placed the bowl on the ground and ran off.

  • Bayek: Tahira, wait...! Hey!

Bayek and Senu followed her.

  • Tahira: How did your path ever bring you this far?
  • Bayek: After we parted ways, I found myself caught by strong currents.
  • Tahira: Did you ever return to Siwa? To your role as Medjay?
  • Bayek: Briefly. It was no longer home.
    And you? How did you end up here?
  • Tahira: I took inspiration from you. Consider me a protector.
  • Bayek: Of what? There's no one out here.
  • Tahira: Of the green.

Bayek laughed. They reached the ruins of a temple, flooded and covered by greens. Statues of Sobek still stood amidst the flora and water.

  • Bayek: What is this place?
  • Tahira: Shrine to Sobek. Very old. Very dangerous.
    Climb. It is not safe down here.

Bayek and Tahira reached one of the highest points of the ruins. They crouched down.

  • Bayek: Old ruins, old gods.
  • Tahira: Perhaps, but that doesn't mean it isn't without power. Shh. Watch.

They watched as a huge crocodile swam in the flooded temple, sneaking towards a flamingo and snatching it as it tried to flee.

  • Bayek: By Amun's horns!
  • Tahira: (laughing) Sobek's child.

Tahira's eyes darted here and there, as she grew serious, and made to leave.

  • Tahira: Where is she? There's one missing! The Romans...
    Find me near the Roman camp.

Tahira climbed down the ruins. Bayek followed her.

  • Bayek: By Amun, she's fast.
  • Tahira: Find me when you are ready.

Bayek followed Tahira and met her on the coast near Natho.

  • Tahira: Ah, you are eager! That is the Bayek I remember. The blasted Romans have taken her to their camp. With your help, we can free her.

They reached the camp, which was heavily guarded by Romans, and full of animals in cages, or dead.

  • Bayek: Well entrenched, I see.
  • Tahira: I told you. The Romans' hunger is insatiable. Sobek's daughter is inside.

They spotted a huge albino crocodile in a big cage.

  • Bayek: By Amun... that is a crocodile.
  • Tahira: Awesome, isn't she?
    What are you waiting for? Smash the cage!

Bayek destroyed the cage, freeing the crocodile. They eliminated the Roman soldiers.

  • Bayek: There, now, I'm not trying to harm you, Sobek knows.
    Or so I hope.
  • Tahira: Bayek, we must ensure she reaches the shrine safely!

Bayek and Tahira escorted the crocodile as it made its way back to the shrine, killing a number of Romans in the process. As the crocodile returned to its home, Bayek and Tahira climbed up the ruins again to observe the reptiles.

  • Tahira: Thank you. With Sobek's favor, the Nile will flood again this year.
  • Bayek: You're welcome. Never thought I would think of crocodiles as romantic.
  • Tahira: Fearsome, but beautiful in their ferocity.
    See me at my home before you leave here, yes?
  • Bayek: All right, I will.

Tahira left, but reminded Bayek of his promise.

  • Tahira: Here, Bayek. The gods still have need for us.


Bayek and Tahira freed the giant albino crocodile and brought her back to safety within the shrine ruins.


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