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Return of the Crimson Rose was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Crimson Rose told Arno to rescue the Count de Choisy, another member of the Crimson League.


  • Crimson Rose: I need a bit of assistance. The Count de Choisy is to be arrested today. He is an honorable man, certainly not deserving of the guillotine. The Crimson League and I are busy elsewhere. Could you prevent his arrest? He lives on the rue des Barres, just south of Saint Gervais Church.

Arno reached de Choisy's house.

  • Arno: Too late. Damn. I'll see what I can find in there.

Arno found a partially burnt letter.

  • Letter: Some partially destroyed papers:
    "... upon reporting back to the Order, please inform the Grand Master of your intent..."

He then spoke to de Choisy's wife, who was hiding behind a locked door.

  • Wife: Who is that?! I won't come out! They've taken him! My husband. Carried him away, past the church. They spoke of the guillotine!

Arno made his way to where de Choisy was being held.

  • Guard 1: You're headed to the guillotine.
  • De Choisy: Damn. I'm of noble birth. I'm better than you!
    You won't kill me. My friend, the Crimson Rose, will save me.
  • Guard 2: Stay still!
  • De Choisy: I shall do as I please, peasant!
  • Guard 2: That's it! Not one more step!

Arno freed de Choisy.

  • De Choisy: About time someone freed me! Good God!

As de Choisy ran away, Arno escaped the area.


Arno rescued the Count de Choisy from execution.


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