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Retribution was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought to eliminate Cult of Kosmos influence on Thasos


Kassandra returned to the Aliki Quarry, finding all the workers dead.

  • Kassandra: They're... They're all dead.

She across two Cultist guards standing over a heavily wounded doctor. After eliminating them, she approached the doctor with Barnabas following close behind.

  • Barnabas: The crew fought off what they could, but we were too late.
  • Doctor: Cursed Cult guards, misthios, look what they've done. They've killed them. My poor pets slaughtered like animals.
  • Barnabas: We have to move, Neleus may be in danger. I'll ready the ship.

Barnabas left.

  • Doctor: You should go. There's nothing left you can do here.
  • Kassandra: Save your strength. You may still survive this.
  • Doctor: I'm a physician, misthios. I know when a patient is dying. Here, the antidote I promised. I always right my wrongs. Yes, yes.
  • Kassandra: I'll give this to Neleus.
  • Doctor: It's his best hope. But don't expect a miracle.
  • Kassandra: I won't leave you like this.
  • Doctor: You can kill me and end my misery once and for all. Please, it's all I ask.

(If players choose "What exactly happened here?")

  • Kassandra: What exactly happened to all thee people? It looks like a slaughter.
  • Doctor: The Cult guards happened. Yes, yes. It was a slaughter. They were here to send a message to you, misthios. They know you've been snooping around.

  • Kassandra: Hold still so I can make it clean.
  • Doctor: Thank you, misthios.

Kassandra stood up.

  • Doctor: I'm ready, misthios. Do it.

Kassandra killed the doctor.

  • Kassandra: There was still some good you might have done.

  • Kassandra: I won't just kill you. There must be another way.
  • Doctor: Please, misthios. The alternative is I lay here and die slowly.

After the doctor passed on, Kassandra left the quarry.

  • Kassandra: If the Cult guards did this, I'll need to hurry back. Neleus.... There won't be much time.

Kassandra boarded the Adrestia and sailed towards Mikkos' House on Lemnos.

  • Kassandra: We need to move fast. The Cult guards are on a rampage.
  • Barnabas: Ah, but I've sent some crew ahead to check on Neleus. They should bring him back to the ship so we can keep a closer eye on him.
  • Kassandra: This madness needs to stop.
  • Barnabas: But it will! We have the Eagle Bearer on our side.

As Kassandra approached the island, they spotted a number of Cultist ships around the harbor.

  • Kassandra: It's the Cult.
  • Barnabas: They mean to keep us from Neleus.
  • Kassandra: Don't worry, Barnabas. We'l' sink them.
  • Barnabas: With you at the helm? Ah, yes, the Cult is doomed.

After sinking the Cult ships, the Adrestia docked on the island. Kassandra disembarked from the village and travelled to Mikkos' House, encountering several bodies of villagers along the way.

  • Kassandra: The villagers are dead. I need to hurry.

Arriving at the residence, she found it set aflame by the Cultist guards with its villagers captured.

  • Kassandra: I'm too late.

Kassandra attacked the guards.

  • Elder: Yes! A misthios. Kill those masked malakes. Kill them good.
  • Cult Guardian: The misthios! Get her!

Kassandra eliminated the guards and approached the villager.

  • Elder: This is an outrage. We've had enough of those masked soldiers. They need to leave Lemnos one way or another!

(If players choose "Why did they do this?")

  • Kassandra: Why did they burn this house?
  • Elder: You know why. Malaka... Those cursed soldiers came down here from their cursed stronghold. They thought Mikkos was up to something. Working against them. This has to end!
  • Kassandra: It will end.

(I'll finish this.)

  • Kassandra: Those soldiers are Cult guards, and there is a general among them. Don't worry, they won't be here much longer.
  • Elder: Yeah! Because we're going to go up there to end this. Right?!

  • Kassandra: You should all stay home. Keep each other safe. I'll take care of the Ancient Stronghold and the Cult guards.
  • Elder: Yes, you're right. Malaka, you're right. They're professional soldiers. We're humble merchants and fishermen. We're counting on you, misthios. They have plagued this region for too long.

Kassandra travelled to the stronghold.

  • Kassandra: Now's my chance to take this stronghold.

Kassandra fought past the guards, finding the general in one of the shelters.

  • Kassandra: That must be the general.

Kassandra eliminated the general and the guards. As she left, she looked back at the entrance.

  • Kassandra: The villagers won't have to worry about these Cult guards again.

  • Kassandra: The people of this island deserve revenge against the Cult guards.
  • Elder: That's right.
  • Kassandra: We will storm their stronghold and retake it for the people of Lemnos.
  • Elder: That's right! Leave us to gather our weapons, misthios. We'll meet you at the gates.

Kassandra travelled to the location near the gates, meeting the armed villagers.

  • Elder: The misthios is here. It's time, everyone. Ready your weapons and CHARGE!

Kassandra and the villagers charged at the stronghold, engaging the Cultist guards. Kassandra fought past the guards, finding the general in one of the shelters.

  • Kassandra: That must be the general.

Kassandra eliminated the general and the guards. As she left the stronghold, she looked at the bodies of the villagers on the ground.

  • Kassandra: I shouldn't have encouraged the villagers to fight. They're all dead now.

Kassandra met with Barnabas at the harbor.

  • Barnabas: What did you find? Are they OK? Did you run into the crew I sent? They haven't returned either.

Roxana returned with Mikkos and Neleus.

  • Roxana: Not so fast, champion. We found Mikkos and Neleus before the Cult arrived.
  • Barnabas: Neleus! Thank Zeus!

Barnabas embraced Neleus.

  • Neleus: Hello, uncle.
  • Mikkos: Let him go. He needs to rest.
  • Roxana: We arrived just before the Cult burned the house. They probably think Mikkos and Neleus are dead.

Mikkos and Neleus arrived.

  • Mikkos: We're here!
  • Barnabas: Neleus!

Barnabas embraced Neleus.

  • Mikkos: They found us just before the Cult guards arrived. We were nearly killed.

  • Kassandra: We're lucky Neleus wasn't killed. It sounds like certain death was just minutes away.
    Here, take this.

  • Kassandra: You did the right thing, sending the crew to check on them. They'd be dead if you hadn't.
  • Barnabas: I don't think I would have, except you told me to be easier on Neleus. I thought better to lend help rather than to leave him in the shadow of my tough love.
  • Kassandra: Glad I could help.

Kassandra handed over the antidote to Neleus.

  • Kassandra: Drink that. It should help you get better.

  • Barnabas: And what of all the other villagers?
  • Kassandra: I'm afraid many of them charged the Cult stronghold along with me. None survived.
  • Barnabas: Such loss of life.
    At least I have Neleus. And you, Eagle Bearer.
    Come, Neleus. We have much catching up to do.

  • Barnabas: And how about the villagers?
  • Kassandra: The villagers are fine. I sent them home and chased the Cult out of their stronghold myself.
  • Barnabas: You continue to amaze, Kassandra. You didn't just save my nephew, you saved all of Lemnos and Thasos from the Cult guards plaguing them.
    Come Neleus. I have many stories to catch you up on.

Barnabas left with Neleus.

Roxana turned to looked at Mikkos, who slowly backed away.

  • Roxana: Finally. I thought they would never leave.
  • Kassandra: It's been a while, hasn't it, Roxana?
  • Roxana: Too long. Do you have some time now?

(If players choose "What have you been up to?")

  • Kassandra: Since you joined our ship, I haven't seen much of you. What have you been doing?
  • Roxana: Oh, you know, the typical things. Firing flaming arrows, bracing for impacts... and rowing. Lots and lots of rowing. Look at these arms.
  • Kassandra: Nice.

  • Kassandra: For you, Roxana, I can make time.
  • Roxana: Good. I've got a couple minutes.
  • Kassandra: I was thinking a couple hours.
  • Roxana: Let's try one minute at a time.

<missing dialogue>

  • Mikkos: We're all alone now, misthios.
    After such an adventure, I'm sure you want to take some to relax.

(If players choose "What will you do now?") <missing dialogue>

  • Kassandra: You know, I would like to relax.
  • Mikkos: In my younger days, I was known for my massages.

Kassandra stood closer to Mikkos.

  • Kassandra: I don't want a massage.
  • Mikkos: Then what do you want?
  • Kassandra: First, I want you to kiss me. Then, I'll want you to take me somewhere private. Finally, I'll want you to take off all of your clothes.
  • Mikkos: As you command.

Kassandra and Mikkos shared a kiss.

  • Kassandra: I'm afraid there is still too much to do. Too many to kill. Relaxing is not an option.
  • Mikkos: That's unfortunate. I thought... Well, I thought... Nevermind what I thought. I see how it is. Goodbye, Eagle Bearer.

Mikkos turned around and left.

  • Kassandra: Goodbye, Mikkos. And good luck.


Thasos was freed from the Cult's control, with Neleus and Mikkos surviving the ordeal.


  • If Roxana had been recruited prior to the memory, she will replace Mikkos in most of the dialogues along with some additional ones.


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