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Requiem was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


The assassination of Octavian de Valois resulted in the retreat of the French forces from Rome. Combined with the death of his Banker, Cesare's efforts for a "united Italia" were swiftly dematerializing. Infuriated, he returned to Rome to confront his father and demand answers.

Realizing this gave him the chance to eliminate both of them, Ezio Auditore aimed to use the key he obtained from Pietro Rossi to enter the Castel Sant'Angelo through a side entrance, and once inside, make his way towards the Pope's chambers.


Ezio entered the premises of Castel undetected. As he advanced, he saw Cesare riding alone.

  • Cesare: I want to see the Pope!
  • Guard: His holiness waits for you at the top of the Castel, in his apartments.
  • Cesare: Get out of my way!

Cesare entered the castle, and Ezio proceeded to the secret door that was used by Pietro to meet with Lucrezia Borgia. Upon entering the castle, Ezio heard Lucrezia talking to a servant.

  • Lucrezia: I don't understand. I ordered a fresh batch of la cantarella last night.
  • Toffana: I am terribly sorry, mia Signora (My Lady), but the Pope has taken it all.
  • Lucrezia: Where is the Pope?
  • Toffana: He meets with Cesare.
  • Lucrezia: Strange. He did not tell me Cesare has returned.

Lucrezia left the servant.

  • Toffana: That woman gives me so much trouble. Why didn't I stay in the stables? What a family this Pope has.


Ezio successfully infiltrated the Castel Sant'Angelo and reached the window of the Pope's apartments.



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