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The Republic of Pirates was an anarchic proto-state formed by British pirates on Nassau in 1706 during the Golden Age of Piracy. Although its founders proclaimed themselves a republic based on the principle of pure, unbridled freedom, its lack of any administrative apparatus prevented it from becoming the ideal state they envisioned. During its decade long existence, it served as the base-of-operations for some of the most infamous pirates of this era, including Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch, Calico Jack, and Charles Vane.

The community's attempts to build a functioning country failed due to the fundamental contradiction between anarchy and statehood, resulting in it struggling to provide basic sanitation and needs, such as medicine,[1] supplies, rums,[2] to its people by 1718.[1] The pressure to salvage this dwindling dream drove Blackbeard to blockade Charleston, South Carolina for medical supplies in May 1718 while other pirates such as Benjamin Hornigold lost faith and defected to the British Empire, turning against their former brethren.[3][4][5]

On 22 July 1718, the Caribbean Templar Woodes Rogers arrived on Nassau with a fleet of ships as the new Governor of the Bahamas with a mission to eradicate the pirates and reassert control over the island.[4] This he tried to accomplish via the same peaceful means that previously proved successful in Madagascar: he offered a royal pardon for all pirates with a deadline of 5 September 1718.[4][6] Although the British suffered a setback in the form of Edward Kenway and Charles Vane breaking through the blockade with a fire ship and escaping, the empire ultimately re-annexed the breakaway, lawless proto-state by the end of the year.[4]