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Repairing the Lyre was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra escorted Praxilla to a lyre maker who could repair her beloved Achaikos.


Kassandra spoke to Praxilla.

  • Praxilla: Ah, Kassandra, thwarter of thieves. I appreciate you bringing Achaikos back to me, but I need to ask another favor.
  • Kassandra: You need help fixing the lyre?
  • Praxilla: Perceptive, too. Look at it. Wood's gone soft, body's splintered. It's toneless, tuneless even.
  • Kassandra: What can be done to save it?
  • Praxilla: Kreusis has been having this festival for years. The town is built around it. Of course, because instruments are as fragile as a poet's heart, there's a master lyre maker at Kreusis Port.
  • Kassandra: Not too far away.
  • Praxilla: And since it's been proven that nothing is safe on these hills, I'll need some muscle for protection.
  • Kassandra: I can help you get there safetly.
  • Praxilla: The journey will be worth your while. Come now.
  • Kassandra: I'm right behind you.

Kassandra followed Praxilla as they made their way to the lyre maker in the Port of Kreusis.

  • Praxilla: I have many fond memories of this place. I've watched the port grow into a town, and a small gathering of freinds grow into a massive festival. It's more home than home.
  • Kassandra: Your true love is a lyre, and your home is a poetry festival? You never wanted to settle somewhere?
  • Praxilla: You sweet young child! My life isn't as simple as you make it out to be. I'm like Zephyros, needing to go where I please. I learned this the hard way.
  • Kassandra: So you care only for yourself?
  • Praxilla: If you only live your life for others, what's the point? You're nothing but a slave... a loyal beast, at best.
  • Kassandra: People can get hurt.
  • Praxilla: If I had lived the life expected of me, traditional and domestic, I would have died. Died inside, and like as not thrown myself into the sea. I know what I need.
  • Kassandra: Seems like the festival here is much less formal than the others I've encountered.
  • Praxilla: Yes. Dionysos claimed our offerings to Apollo and granted us the gift of ecstasy.
  • Kassandra: I can see why it would attract people from far and wide.
  • Praxilla: Do not misunderstand. Hedonism is one part of worship, but there are many here who dedicate themselves to the strings and to the verse.
  • Kassandra: I see.

They reached a tent area.

A woman appeared.

  • Timycha: Who is making all of that fucking noise?
  • Praxilla: Ah, the smell of the sea is almost enough to cover your stench, Timycha.
  • Timycha: Praxilla! I've been gathering fruits to throw at you all week.
  • Praxilla: High praise coming from you. I need a favor. Achaikos was kidnapped by some idiot and needs a new neck.
  • Timycha: This idiot?

  • Kassandra: This idiot carries a sharp spear.

  • Kassandra: Sadly, there have been many idiots on this journey.

  • Praxilla: I heard this muscle here to get Achaikos back. Now she's keeping me company.
  • Timycha: All right, give him here.

Praxilla handed over lyre to Timycha.

  • Timycha: Poor fellow's been brutalized.
  • Praxilla: But you can fix it, right?
  • Timycha: Of course I can fix him. I am the best pair of hands you're gonna find outside of Athens. Problem is, Achaikos is a special boy. I have materials, but nothing worthy of putting him together.
  • Kassandra: What materials do you need?
  • Timycha: I have what I need for the neck, but the old one took the strings and yoke out when it snapped. Ah, and there's a crack running through the sound box. That needs to be replaced.
  • Kassandra: What should I be looking for?
  • Timycha: Some use bone for the yoke and neck, but nothing beats wood in my opinion. Strings are made from gut, and we could use a shell for the sound box.

(If players choose "What kind of gut do you need for the strings?")

  • Kassandra: Those strings don't look like guts to me.
  • Timycha: They are. Just soaked for a long time and pulled thin. I'm sure you'll enjoy killing some legendary beasts to help Achaikos sing.

(If players choose "What kind of shell do you need for the sound box?")

  • Kassandra: I've seen some lyres with turtle shells for the body.
  • Timycha: Not a lot of turtles on this coast, but a good sturdy conch should do the trick.

(If players choose "What kind of wood do you need for the yoke?")

  • Kassandra: What's a yoke, and what wood do you need to replace it?
  • Praxilla: The yoke is the crossbar that all of the strings are attached to.
  • Timycha: Sure is. It needs to bend, so a springy wood is best.
  • Praxilla: I think we all can agree on that.

(If players choose "I'll get the materials.")

  • Kassandra: I will return with the materials to repair Achaikos.

Kassandra travelled to a nearby wolf den.

  • Kassandra: Wolves are fierce animals. I'll gut them for Praxilla.

She hunted three wolves and recovered guts from their bodies.

  • Kassandra: Hope these are enough guts for fixing Achaikos.

Kassandra next headed to a nearby beach, recovering three shells.

  • Kassandra: This shell should be perfect for Praxilla's lyre.

Kassandra next headed to a mountainous region near Kreusis, collecting three silver birch.

  • Kassandra: That should be enough wood for a new lyre.

Kassandra returned to Timycha and Praxilla with the materials in hand.

  • Kassandra: I have everything we need.
  • Timycha: Excellent, give it here.
  • Praxilla: Be careful with it!
  • Timycha: He'll like me better when I'm done. You always were too rough with your fingering.
  • Praxilla: Well, that's the first complaint I've heard about it.

After a while, Timycha returned with the repaired lyre.

  • Timycha: There he is, looking more handsome than ever.
  • Praxilla: You call this your best work? You're robbing me blind.
  • Timycha: Oh, shut up and go deafen the masses with your wailing.

Praxilla turned to Kassandra.

  • Praxilla: Thanks for the help. Here's your drachmae. I need some time to put Achaikos through his paces. I might need some help after though, so swing by my tent when you have a minute.

Praxilla left.

  • Kassandra: Sure, if I'm in the area.


Kassandra brought the materials needed to repair Praxilla's lyre.


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